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23 Best Machine Head Blogs of 2013

September 26th, 2013

By: Vanessa

Hey there machine heads!  Whether you are new to construction or you’ve been working on projects for decades, there is always more to learn.  The Internet is full some awesome blogs that are just waiting for you.

The BigRentz team scoured the web to find the best Machine Head blogs on various topics such as equipment updates and reviews, news in the contracting world, do-it-yourself home construction tips, and safety regulations.

Without Further Ado, The Winners of the 2013 Best Machine Heads Blogs…

Please let us know if you find any other helpful blogs we should add to this list (these are in no particular order):

1. Better Roads

This site has a perfect blend of gear head and construction head content. Cool cars, interesting posts (did you know Wisconsin is using cheese to clear snowy roads?), and just enough posts about big ol’ machines, which we of course go nuts for.

2. AGG Man

This site has everything regulatory – stay on top of new requirements and safety issues. They also sprinkle in some interest stories – like a WWII rocket being found in an England quarry.

3. Pro Pickup Mag

OK, this is a magazine about pickups. We had to include it in this list because it makes us drool. Mmmm, big trucks.

4. Rock and Dirt

Did someone say dirt? We’re there. While most of us aren’t going to regularly plop down $20k+ on a new piece, we can regularly enjoy their blog. We love how they review the equipment and they have some fun posts about what heavy equipment looked like 110 years ago.

5. The Digger

From Hill quick hitches to Bobcat skid-steer loaders, these UK writers know about the equipment they cover. We especially love the “Advert of the Week” feature that shows the best of the worst local TV ads.

6. Contractor Talk

Most contractors have heard of this site, and we love the forums, but the blog is pretty cool too. There’s some good info there about bringing traffic to you blog.

7. Safe-Workplace

This is a safety blog that is not boring. Really relevant stuff here about OSHA requirements and cases where people are not following the rules. You can also get safety signs and posts here.

8. SLS Construction

We like this site because it has a lot of DIY tips and info for homeowners but he also has info for us contractors – reglulatory stuff and green building posts. The guy also has the quirky Wacky Wednesday posts that are fun.

9. OSHA Law Blog

Here’s another important OSHA safety site we should all folllow. It covers everything and its worth a weekly check-in to make sure we’re not missing anything.

10. Best Practices Construction Law

Get to know this site. It’s from the construction lawyer’s pov – and its always good to know where they’re coming from. There are some good posts, such as “Can a Subcontractor Recover When Delays Are Caused by Another Subcontractor?”

11. Lets Blog Construction

A blog that has real information contractors can benefit from. Equipment reviews and tips for more effective building.

12. Blogging Painters

While we’re mostly focused on dirt moving and construction equipment, we came across this cool site for painters. It covers a ton about small business marketing tips that can help painters and the rest of us who work for ourselves and are always trying to gain more business.

13. Construction Informer

The main writer on this blog, Duanne, does a great job covering the construction industry here and posts stats that matter to us – like how the housing market is doing. He also tackles subjects we construction and machine heads care a lot about – like featuring some cool mini excavators and talking about why foam insulation gets a bad wrap (its often installed incorrectly).

14. Sage Blog

We love Sage because its products are awesome for our small businesses and keeping sites (and the books) running smoothly. But they also have a pretty neat blog too. It covers everything from marketing your small biz through social media to how to keep your mobile data secure while you’re on the job site.

15. Tempest Blog

This blog caught our eye because the author is so genuine. One of his latest posts was about his trip to NYC and checking out the new One World Trade Center. (There’s an awesome video he posted showing the time-lapse pics of it being build – you gotta check it out!). There’s everything from business management tips, to relevant Ted talks, to fun posts about poorly designed buildings that cause “death rays” that actually melt cars.

16. AEC Business

While the clean design of this site first got out attention, the content is even more impressive. We got caught up on the posts about why we should be building wooden skyscrapers and 60 new design trends to be aware of, but we also found ourselves downloading a helpful doc about managing client relationships.

17. Construction Marketing Blog

The name explains it all, but this isn’t just a site to sell construction marketing services – it has real meat on it. There’s real strategies for social media marketing and there’s data on what people are spending on online marketing in our industries (check out the infographic).

18. The Building Blox

The writer Todd knows social media and how to use it for our biz. Most of the posts have a consumer angle, but we were digging them. There was one about bath photos he collected from Google+. It made me want to break out a dozer and level my bathroom.

19. Brand Constructors

This is another blog about the business of construction but it hits the spot because the writer gives detailed pointers – no fluff here. There’s also a pretty great video about how to win a best value proposal (and it ain’t a low bid). It’d definitely worth a 3 minute break to watch it.

20. Biz Edge

We like this blog because Mel, the writer, takes time to give practical,specific advice for how to get more construction jobs. He kinda get your excited about growing your business and looking hard at your strategies for how you approach clients and projects.

21. Agriculture Blog

Alright, now this site just “gets” us. Everything we love: pictures of big machines doin’ stuff and lists of the best equipment out there.

22. Equipment World

This site is great because it has crazy videos of people doing things the wrong way (for example, a crane hanging a mini excavator in the air while they try to demolish a chimney), but it also has helpful reviews of the equipment we care about, like BOMAG’s new BW141AD-5.

23. Total Landscape Care

All things landscaping – how could we not love this site? We love the how-to posts (how to master the backhoe, etc).

Congrats to all the winners! They’re all getting our Top Machine Head Winner badges shown below. If you think there’s a blog we overlooked, tell us in the comments.

I’m a BigRentz Machine Head Winner!

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