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The Benefits of a Backhoe: Why You Need it on Your Landscaping Job

September 24th, 2013

By: Vanessa

If asked what equipment was preferred over any other if they had to choose, a contractor will often choose the backhoe.  This one piece of machinery is super versatile and can perform many tasks.

What can the backhoe do?

From digging holes and ditches, uprooting tree roots, and transporting heavy material to compacting loose soil, the backhoe can really handle it all.

You will see backhoes used mostly during home building, road paving, site maintenance and demolition jobs.

A big benefit to the backhoe is that it can be driven to the work site by itself, no need to worry about towing it.

The 3 main components of a backhoe

The backhoe loader consists of many components that allow the equipment to perform many different jobs.  When looking at a backhoe, you can clearly see that it is a tractor , a loader and a backhoe all in one.  So what are the benefits of these:

The tractor:

this allow the machine to navigate tough terrain while protecting the driver within the cab area.

The loader:

attached at the front of the machine, this allows you to push, smooth and/or carry dirt or materials.

The backhoe itself:

the most vital piece, the backhoe is able to dig and place the earth in any spot necessary. Described by many as acting like your arm, with wrist, elbow and shoulder, the backhoe is able to get to areas that may obtain obstacle and can operate tight spaces.  It is said that this section is best for digging ditches.

Where can I rent a backhoe?

You can rent it here on! In many cases, it is more logical to rent construction equipment than to buy it.  Either because of the mere cost of owning, the upkeep or simply not having a place to store the enormous machinery, renting makes the most sense.

If you have an upcoming project or job that may require a ditch dug out, can deliver a backhoe to you.

Do you need to clear a lot of roots to lay a solid foundation?  A backhoe is best for driving over rough ground and pulling out strong roots.  The backhoe is perfect for any landscaping job.

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