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Need a Job? Construction Companies Are Seeking Skilled Workers

February 27th, 2014

By: Candice

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You had to been living under a rock to not notice that we had some serious problems with our economy since the Great Recession from 2007 – 2009 due to the housing boom.

Fortunately, our economy is improving and more jobs are readily available, but the downside is that there aren’t enough skilled construction workers to fill the positions.

Who should be blamed for the lack of skilled construction workers?  In the past, large manufacturing companies would offer in-house training programs, but probably due to the economy, these companies decided to eliminate the programs and in result, filling new positions when the economy started to pick up became a difficult task.

Equipment World states that California, Michigan, Minnesota, Texas, and even Wisconsin are just a few places that are being impacted with the lack of skilled construction workers to fill the open job positions.

If you are seeking a construction job, look into taking high quality training courses at your local community college or check online. OSHA offers a variety of courses for less than $200. Making this small investment can in turn help you in the long run.

In addition, President Barack Obama had earmarked for 2013 an $8 billion budget for training partnerships between colleges and businesses.

According to Hearst Newspapers in 2011, highway construction workers can make anywhere from $38,030 to $63,140 per year. Below is a list of brief job descriptions and a breakdown of what was made per year, as well as per hour.

Construction Laborers
As a construction laborer, you can earn an average $38,030 per year, or $18.28 per hour. They are responsible for cleaning and preparing the construction sites on the highway, loading and unloading building materials, as well as setting up barricades and scaffolding.

Cement Masons
At an average of $41,470 per year, or $19.94 per hour, cement masons are responsible for creating the concrete surfaces. They monitor the climate, such as how heat, cold, or even wind affects the hardening of the material and to ensure proper finish. Many cement masons are educated through a three-year apprenticeship or on the job.

Operating Engineers
Operating engineers (also known as construction equipment operators) receive approximately $51,110 per year, or $24.57 per hour. Their responsibility is to handle heavy equipment as well as clean and maintain the equipment. For this position, a few underwent a three- or four-year formal apprenticeship, which combined classroom instruction with paid training.

Supervisors receive an average of $63,140 per year, or $30.35 per hour. They are responsible for completion of highway construction projects, estimating material as well as worker requirement, and ordering material and supplies. Usually an employer will prefer at least a high school diploma for this position.

All the job positions noted above will need some skill or education in the use of a wide variety of heavy equipment, such as dozers, wheel loaders, excavators, backhoes, and forklifts.

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