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Give the 49ers Some Space. They Need It

January 23rd, 2014

By: Candice

Levi's Stadium - Santa Clara, California

The 49ers had a strong 2013 season and even started the NFC Championship Game ahead up until the Seahawks pushed forward in the third quarter. At the end, Niner fans were devastated this past Sunday when their team ultimately lost to the Seahawks 23-17. Didn’t help that two of the team’s best players, NaVorro Bowman and Mike Iupati were in crutches for this game.

To a vast amount of football fans, it was projected that Seahawks would win and they were right. Some people will dispute that (i.e., the Husband). However, the Niners will be given a fresh new start and another chance to make it to the Championship next year. They are a young, elite team and have been so close in the past. So, for you Niner fans, there is hope!

Big changes are in store for the Niners; they will finally be moving into their new home this summer to Levi’s Stadium, located in Santa Clara, California. The new stadium took $1.2 billion to build and involved lots of man-hours, a couple of lost lives, and of course, heavy equipment usage. It will be slightly smaller in total seating capacity in comparison to Candlestick Park—1,400 less chairs to be exact. However, with fewer seats it will give fans and workers more space! In fact, Candlestick Park was just a mere 985,000 square feet, but Levi’s Stadium will be a whopping 1,850,000. With this added space, the Stadium will be offering Club Seats which will be new to the Niner fans, and continue to offer luxury suites; plenty of escalators and elevators; more restroom fixtures which will make fans a lot happier; and seven more entry and exit points to the freeway. All in all, making life easier and more comfortable for the Niner fans to come and cheer their team!

At, our rental experts definitely felt strongly for which team they wanted to win at the Championship game.  But at the end of the day, our goal is to work together as a team and assist you to get the best possible rate in town. Give us a call today at (888) 325-5172. What do you have to lose? Nothing.


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