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Man Outfits Lawn with Custom Heavy Equipment Models

February 20th, 2014

By: Candice

Chuck Hoggarth | Wooden Heavy Equipment

Chuck Hoggarth of Michigan has the gift of turning a piece of wood into a variety of intricately designed heavy equipment models, including an excavator that is four feet tall!

Hoggarth wasn’t always a woodworker. For 46 years, he worked at Ford Motor Company. When he retired, he decided he needed something challenging to tackle. With a background in woodwork, he had experience in household projects such as building cabinets, trims, and stair railings. However, he was looking for something different so he decided to construct a Kenworth truck and a bulldozer as his first project. The final product wasn’t quite impressive at 12 inches in length so he decided to design something larger in scale.  His next project and all future projects after that were scaled up in size by a factor of four.

On Father’s Day in 2006, he proudly displayed all of his pieces on his front lawn. Hoggarth received notoriety for his craftsmanship – deservedly so.  The local news TV station came out to do a short news piece on him and later he was written up in the well-known heavy equipment online website, Equipment World, as well as Craftsmanship Museum.

In terms of heavy equipment, since 2006, he had built two excavators, a high track dozer, and a wheel loader to name just a few.

What also makes these wooden pieces of art so special is that the moving parts on these models such as wheels and tracks actually do rotate!

In late 2007 when Equipment World interviewed him, he had stated that he had no intention of selling his models.  I don’t know about you, but how cool would it be to own one of his amazing pieces and display it here at

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Sources: Equipment World and Craftsmanship Museum

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