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Are You a Heavy Equipment Junkie? Check Out These Game Apps

February 7th, 2014

By: Candice

Higher Riders Extreme Heavy Construction Equipment App

There are over a million apps available in the App Store as of early 2014. Back in July 2008, there were approximately 800 apps available. With so many to choose from, we are not surprised there are a few heavy equipment games available. Released in December 2013, “Higher Riders Extreme Heavy Construction Equipment” is said to be the most addictive construction equipment game out there.

This app can be played solo or with friends. Choose a variety of heavy equipment like dozers, excavators (as seen in attached image), cars, motorcycles, trucks, and even construction cones.

To “purchase” other vehicles, you will need to collect gas cans to gain extra points.

With a 4+ rating, your kids can play against you!

Another game app that also came out in December is the “Scoop Excavator.” It is an excavator simulator that has you tackle and complete jobs in order to earn paychecks. Even the novice will eventually get the hang of the game as it will educate you on how to operate an excavator despite your jobs, tasks, and missions being “anything but ordinary.”

This app has a 4+ rating but is not considered to be a typical game that is easy to win, as it will require some tenacity. However, for those of you that consider yourself to be an expert in operating heavy equipment, I dare you to play this game!

At, we don’t play games when it comes to your rental needs. We just want to help you succeed in getting a great deal and get your job completed. Call our rental experts today at (888) 325-5172. You will only win.


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