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How to Safely Use a Scissor Lift

December 3rd, 2013

By: Candice

Like any heavy equipment machine, knowing how to operate scissor lifts safely will save you a lot of grief in the long run.

We care for your safety at, so here are some really simple, basic safety methods that will only take a few minutes of your time for the next time you rent a scissor lift from us!

1. Avoid driving near holes, drop-offs, or even loading docks.
2. Avoid raising the platform on a slope or even driving onto a slope when elevated.
3. Avoid raising the platform on soft or uneven surfaces.
4. Avoid driving onto soft or uneven surfaces when elevated.

We know that these four points may seem obvious but you won’t believe how many times accidents, damage, and even death occurs when you don’t asses the risks when at ground level first.

Other things to look out for when operating a scissor lift:
1. Make sure to use chain, guardrails, mid rails, and that the bar is in place.
2. Never stand or sit on the guardrails.
3. Never use a ladder, scaffolding, or any other devices to increase working height or even size of the platform.

The above noted things are there to keep you safe. They are not there for you to rest on or to use as leverage for height.

If there is a wind speed of a minimum of 25 mph, never use a scissor lift outside.

By nature, we like to get things done quicker, but it is important that you remember a scissor lift’s platform is not designed to be an additional working platform. This means to never use a ladder, scaffolding, or anything else to increase the size or even the working height of the platform.

Always remember that safety devices were created for precisely that – safety. They should never be tampered.

Other important things to remember:
1. Do not use a scissor lift that has damaged tires.
2. Do not use tires that are not per manufacturers specifications.
3. Do not use the scissor lift if the platform is not working correctly, including being damaged, worn, or missing.

At, we want to make sure that the scissor lift you are renting is to your satisfaction when you receive it on site. If it isn’t, make sure to immediately express your concern so that we can rectify the situation as quickly as possible. It only takes a few minutes to check the equipment.

Lastly, the guardrails are not designed to handle a load suspended from a chain or rope. The guardrails were created in mind with keeping the operator in the platform safe – not to assist in loading things in another level.

Call today to reserve your next scissor lift rental with us at Despite being one of the largest online network, we make the whole experience a personalized one. With over 2,000 rental delivery hubs from California to New York, and servicing over 500 metro areas such as Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami, we are here to help you get the best rate in town without compromising customer service. Call us today for a FREE and EASY quote! (888) 325-5172


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