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Top 5 Manufacturers of Excavator Attachments: Get The Job D-O-N-E

September 6th, 2013

By: taylor litle

Excavators are huge construction vehicles used to dig into the earth or to move large objects. It has a long boom arm and a cab that is located on a pivot.

This Equipment Doesn’t Come Cheap: Buy Wisely or Rent

Owing an excavator is a big investment; you often have to buy attachments to get specific jobs done, which is why renting an excavator and its attachments is a cost-effective measure for most construction companies.

If you are going to buy attachments, focus on blades, breakers, buckets, grapples and augers. Those five will help you get any job done right. But which brands should you trust?

Top Five Manufacturers


Caterpillar is one of the leading names in excavator attachment designing and manufacturing They provide attachments depending upon the specific needs of customers and they are known for having great customer support. CAT attachments are designed to improve the efficiency of the Caterpillar Excavator.


Bobcat develops some sturdy, long-lasting excavator attachments for purposes such as breaking down a building, digging a tree hole, or tearing into concrete. Their attachments are known for their precise movements and low fatigue control.


Komatsu is the world’s second largest manufacturer of construction equipment after Caterpillar. Komatsu’s most famous excavator attachment are their buckets. Theirs are designed to increase productivity and cut down on man hours (and cost).


This is a UK-based company that’s engaged in construction/demolition equipment manufacturing. JCB’s 360 degree excavators are widely used all around the globe. They have  wide range of attachments for excavators if you have a unique need.

John Deere

This is another US-based  manufacturer and has a huge, loyal following. John Deere has expertise in cutting edge attachments and filters, which are subjected to very high quality checkups. They have a great bucket tooth product and are a good place to go for batteries for excavators.


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