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BigRentz Now Renting Toy Construction Equipment as Kids Learn Benefits of Rent Versus Own

April 1st, 2017

The ongoing debate about whether to rent vs. own construction equipment has taken a new twist as the demand among children for pint-size backhoes, excavators and wheel loaders has reached an all-time high.  To respond to the demand, BigRentz has partnered with toy manufacturers and will now rent toy construction equipment nationwide through its online network.

“Today’s kids are much more informed about finances than kids just a few years ago, so when they learn the benefits of renting versus buying their toy backhoes and excavators, they recognize pretty quickly renting is a better option,” said Scott Cannon, COO of BigRentz. “They understand that while they need the toy scissor lift today, they may not need it next week or next month. As their interests change, so will the toys, and the equipment won’t sit in a garage next to the unused RC cars and broken scooters. It’s a less riskier and smarter financial decision to allow our Tonka and Big Wheel suppliers to maintain the equipment.”

When it comes to digging in a sandbox or leveling a mud pile, the price of the needed toy construction equipment certainly factors in kids’ decision-making process. Below are four reasons why renting has become a better option:

  1. Higher Up-Front Costs: Buying the best toys is expensive. Regardless of whether you are a small family with one construction prodigy or a large family with multiple wannabe builders, price matters.
  2. Maintenance: Toys break, and they need to be fixed. You buy it, and not only are you responsible for fixing it, you may also need an on-site toy expert to make the repairs and keep the toy in working condition.
  3. Multiple Pieces of Equipment Required: One toy is often not enough. Different pieces of equipment work for different projects. Who is playing and how many kids are playing can have major implications on how many and what toys are needed.
  4. Life of Equipment: Playing construction is fun, but toys can take a beating. In some cases, the toys will age long before your investment is paid off.

Cannon added, “BigRentz has delivered thousands of pieces of equipment to customers for all kinds of projects. While this is a new market for us, our experience with large equipment will help us meet the needs of this younger demographic. Like we always say, Celebrating life, every day, everywhere. And, happy April Fool’s Day everyone.”

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