Different Types of Air Compressors

Different Types of Air Compressors
Choosing the correct air compressor is crucial for every project

How To Choose The Proper Air Compressor

There are many different types of air compressors and choosing a specific kind depends on what type of functions that you need. An air compressor converts power into energy by using electric, gas, diesel and other methods. Having sufficient air in your storage tank will maintain its intended functions. Air compressors come in many different sizes depending on the amount of air pressure that is needed. They can be used for lighthouse duty or major commercial projects.

Oil-Free Air Compressors vs Oil Air Compressors

An oil-free air compressor is usually designed in lightweight compact design and used for minor duties including paint jobs. They’re easier to carry around and don’t require as much storage space. This is usually the chosen method of air compression for beginners and its piston is permanently lubricated. It is usually built in a cast iron frame and minimizes the possibility of leaks.

However, the oil air compressors are is easier to choose because it creates more air compression. Oil is used to lubricate the piston. The oil also needs to be changed based on the manual instructions. Oil air compression costs more and has more parts. The compression chamber is under a lot of pressure and should only be used by a professional.

Compressed air is put under tremendous pressure versus the air that is under natural environmental circumstances. Compressed air is used to operate heavy machinery like a jackhammer. Although, air rifles and aerosol cheese used compressed air. Compressed air is sometimes used by electrical companies to furnish electricity to thousands of homes. This may cal for a huge compressor to be used. A compact compressor will not work for a major commercial job.

Gas Powered vs Electrical Compression

Gas-powered compression has been criticized for its noise pollution. Gas-powered compressors are used for outdoors jobs and remote areas. They are handy for using when there is no power source. Often times, they are heavy duty, but very reliable in getting the job done. The compression chamber in a gas-powered compressor is under a lot of pressure when in use.

Electrically powered compression is used for residential jobs because they run quieter and are more lightweight. Customers say they are very portable and easy to use in closed quarters like a home or apartment. There is no need for storage and the worry of flammable materials with an electrically powered compressor.

You can rent or buy compressors online or from your local retailer. Anyone using a compressor should always be sure to follow the operating instructions to avoid serious injury. It is very important to maintain the functions of your compressor with routine maintenance. You should always store a compressor based on the manual instructions. Depending on the size and its functions the cost will vary. Certain jobs will require a specific amount of air compression. Consult your local hardware store for more details.


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