How to Be Safe When Using Your Forklift Rental

How to Be Safe When Using Your Forklift Rental
Forklift Safety

Why You Need to Know How to Safely Operate a Forklift

When you hear the word “forklift,” most of us probably have heard that word and even have a general sense what a forklift is and that it is used for construction sites to lift heavy equipment and materials; warehouses for moving of shipments and goods. Forklifts are believed to be an indispensable tool for most warehouses and even in the heavy equipment industry.

Forklifts may appear to be measly in comparison to other typical heavy equipment, but they have the capacity of lifting loads starting at 3,000 pounds and going up to 35,000 pounds or more without tipping over.

Almost 100 years old – originally built in 1917 by Clark Europe GmbH – they continue to maintain a strong presence in the industrial world.

According to eHow, overturning forklifts account for the leading cause of fatal injuries. Just in the United States, nearly 100 people are killed per year and an additional 20,000 people receive serious injuries. This means that on each working day, nearly 77 people are injured in this country.

Quick Tips for Forklift Safety

With these simple safety tips, you can help prevent injuries and even death.

1. As the operator of the rented forklift, you must receive intensive training, evaluation, and testing despite a forklift being one of the easier heavy equipment to use; a forklift has been compared to driving a car. But even as a driver of a car, you must know the safety rules of the road and how your car operates.

2. Always inspect the rental forklift for safety before you start working on a project.

3. Operators should always buckle in and keep your body inside at all times – just like a car. This will help prevent you from being thrown out or even crushed if the forklift tips over. The forklift’’s frame will also offer protection to you.

4. Never load a forklift beyond its rated capacity. You can find this information by examining the data plate that is located on the forklift; typically located in a discernable area on the machine. Be sure to also ensure your load is secure before moving.

5. Always be alert to your surroundings and avoid any sudden strong movements.

With these five simple steps, you will help keep yourself safe and avoid any costly damages to your forklift rental! Your safety is #1 to us at BigRentz.

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