Haulotte HT85 RTJ PRO, JCB 3CX, Hyundai HX130LCR
Haulotte HT85 RTJ PRO provides an easy-to-use design with superior performance capabilities

Heavy equipment manufacturers constantly release new models to keep up with the continually changing requirements of professionals in construction, extraction, and various other industries. BigRentz aims to keep clients updated on the latest innovations in construction equipment manufacturing.

In October 2017’s Equipment Spotlight, showcased models include the Haulotte HT85 RTJ PRO Boom Lift, JCB 3CX Compact Backhoe, and Hyundai HX130LCR Excavator.

Haulotte HT85 RTJ PRO Boom Lift

Haulotte’s new telescoping boom lift is a machine built for maximized jobsite performance and efficiency. The unit has a platform height of 85 ft with an impressive 78 ft horizontal outreach and offers smooth, safe operation, even when fully extended.

The HT85 RTJ PRO (featured image) comes standardly equipped with an LED Haulotte Activ’Screen that allows for easy access to all components. The control screen is water and dust-resistant, guaranteeing a long lifespan on site. Other features of the HT85 RTJ PRO include:

  • Haulotte Stop Emission System, cutting unnecessary fuel use and pollution
  • 4 wheel drive with automatic differential wheel lock
  • Haulotte Activ’Lighting Safe Load System for use in low visibility conditions
  • Lift Capacity up to 500 lbs
  • 180-degree basket rotation

JCB 3CX Compact Backhoe

The JCB 3CX Compact Backhoe

JCB 3CX Compact Backhoe

JCB’s latest compact backhoe is ideal for projects with tighter spaces that larger backhoes can simply not fulfill. The JCB 3CX boasts 4-wheel steering and rubber tires, allowing for operation even on recently-installed surfaces.

The JCB 3CX is approximately 20 inches narrower than other standard backhoes on the market and about 35% smaller. If you’re strapped for space on your jobsite, this model definitely fits the bill. Other notable components of the JCB 3CX:

  • Three-speed, excavator-style controls
  • Dash-mounted, in-cab display
  • 74hp engine power with 13,380 lbs operating weight
  • 25mph travel speed
  • 16% smaller turning circle than a standard backhoe

Hyundai HX130LCR Excavator

Hyundai HX130LCR Excavator

The Hyundai HX130LCR Excavator

The 3rd compact-radius excavator to be released within the HX series product line, the Hyundai HX130LCR has a 73.6hp Tier-4 compliant diesel engine and an operating weight of 29,750 lbs. With a maximum digging depth of just over 18 ft and bucket digging force of 22,680 lbf, the HX130LCR has the capability to complete sizable excavation tasks while useing the fraction of the space of larger models

The Hyundai HX130LCR also comes standardly equipped with an 8-inch touchscreen monitor in the cab. The monitor provides the operator with Hyundai’s own All-Around View Monitoring feature, displaying a 360-degree virtual operating view as well as an accident-preventing object detection feature (Intelligent Moving Object Detection or IMOD). Additional features of the HX130LCR:

  • Stacked cooling design and electronic fan clutch
  • Advanced hydraulic system with Boom Float, allowing for more accurate grading
  • Ground-level access to fuel filter, as well as exterior access to cab air filter
  • Five free years of the Hi-Mate remote management system
  • Three-year, 3,000-hour standard warranty and five year, 5,000-hour structural warranty

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