Global Trends for Heavy Construction Equipment
Like any industry, heavy equipment rentals display key global trends

As someone who works in the construction industry, it’s important that you stay aware of the global trends for construction equipment so that you know how to prepare yourself and your company. By looking at the expected trends for the coming years, you can see what sort of equipment will be needed and start preparing yourself to rent this equipment or to continue to use it effectively if you already have it.


As the world population grows, there continues to be a high demand for more buildings of all kinds, such as shopping malls, apartments, and business complexes. The more people there are, the more living spaces are needed, which explains the need and demand for these types of buildings. There have also been some government initiatives taken that are trying to expand airports globally, and these are not small or easy jobs. Airports are huge buildings that will need all sorts of heavy construction equipment for them to be built properly, and this will increase the demand for heavy construction equipment.

Another component of this demand for construction has to do with the infrastructure of buildings. As different countries throughout the world are trying to improve themselves through more tourism and better health care, they have to make sure that buildings are safe and sturdy in order to avoid any accidents. This sometimes requires fixing the infrastructure of existing buildings, which of course requires lots of heavy construction equipment.

Types of Equipment

You know that there will be a higher demand for construction equipment as more buildings are needed, but what types of equipment will be needed for these jobs? Equipment that works well with commercial projects will be necessary, as many projects will be done at a commercial level. This equipment could be anything that can help the production of bridges, roadways, dams, and railways.

Equipment that works well with the construction of apartments, malls, and business parks will also be necessary because these types of buildings will be in high demand over the next few years. This could be any sort of earth-moving equipment, material-handling equipment, or construction vehicles, some specific examples being bulldozers, road rollers, crawlers, excavators, cranes, forklifts, and haul trucks.

Where the Demand Is

There is an obvious demand for heavy construction equipment because of all of the construction that will be happening in the coming years, but it’s not happening in just one area — it’s happening globally. The United States has a demand for these projects and equipment, but South America and Asia-Pacific are also regions with a growing need for buildings like apartments and business parks. The market in the Middle East and Africa is also expected to grow quickly and become part of the demand for construction equipment.

As countries like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and others have been focusing more on tourism and health care, they have had to fix the infrastructure of some of their buildings, which has created more need for heavy construction equipment in these countries. This is an aspect of demand that is not seen in the United States very much, but that has affected the market for construction in other countries all over the world.

Involved Parties

There are many companies that these global trends in heavy construction equipment affect. Most of them are big companies like Volvo Construction Equipment, Komatsu Ltd, Caterpillar, Hitachi Construction Machinery, and John Deere & Co who have kept themselves involved in the growing market by creating new products that are relevant to the emerging construction trends. As someone who may rent equipment from these companies, or from other rental companies, you are involved in this growing market and are able to access it by renting new equipment that can help you get your jobs done quickly and more efficiently.

What Now

Now that you know the current global trends of heavy construction equipment, you can plan ahead. That might mean renting a few pieces of equipment that you think may help your company work productively, or it may mean researching new products that your favorite equipment brands have released recently. You can use the information you gather to help you better your company and become a part of the growing construction market. If you don’t do anything, however, you may get left behind as the market expands and demands are met without your company’s help.

The global trends for heavy construction equipment show that the demand for construction projects of all kinds is growing quickly all over the world. You can make sure that you’re a part of this growing market if you rent the right equipment for your company.