Is the Heavy Equipment Rental Industry Ready for Mobile?

Is the Heavy Equipment Rental Industry Ready for Mobile?
Mobile functionality has much to offer in the way of the heavy equipment rental industry

Mobile is the Future of Heavy Equipment Rentals

This is a question that has frequently been asked over the years as more industries turn to technology to save time and money. The heavy equipment rental business is very much a face-to-face, handshake business, yet the reliance on the Web, the growth of mobile technology and a changing workforce has the industry following a very similar pattern as other industries that have taken the leap, including transportation, hospitality, and travel.

Here is some background on why.

It goes without saying that the Internet and mobile devices have changed practically everything that we do. As of 2015, 84 percent of the U.S. population had access to the Internet and 64 percent had a smartphone. There are more mobile devices than people on the planet, and in July of this year, Apple sold its one-billionth iPhone. The mobile Internet is now ubiquitous as experts anticipate that more than two billion people will be using mobile devices to access the Web.

A Rapidly Changing Workforce

While the statistics say everyone seems to have a device and is using it to access the web, one major demographic is leading the way, Millennials, or those born between 1981 and 1996. This particular group of people is always connected. In fact, 87 percent indicate that their smartphones never leave their side. Slightly less than half (45%) use their smartphone for work, while 34 percent prefer online collaboration to in-person interaction. As a result of their heavy mobile usage and preference for online communication, Millennials are changing the workplace, and not at just companies that offer traditional office or IT jobs.

By the end of last year, Millennials made up the largest generation in the workforce. By 2030, they will represent 75 percent of all workers. They are and will continue to be for many years, influential in how their employers use technology, especially mobile. They are the decision makers of today and the bosses of tomorrow. They bring to their jobs expectations for how things should get done, which means a heavy dosage of mobile. Tools of prior generations are falling to the wayside and being replaced by Bring Your Own Device.

This is the new world that you are facing. Your employees and future business leaders are all online and connected to their mobile devices. They want to use this technology to change business processes that to them seem old-fashioned or outdated. Their experience and expertise with mobile technology will also benefit you because that same group of Millennials will also be your customers.

What You can do to Harness the Power of Mobile

To acquire these new customers, you need to become an expert in mobile technology, as well as online advertising, social media, and other tools that are influencing customer engagement and business transactions. While some of this expertise will come from hiring the right people, it’s important that today’s business leaders, the same people who prefer a face-to-face meeting and handshake, learn what this new way of business is all about. The expertise can also come in the form of a proven partner who can help you get up to speed much faster without the huge investment and risk of doing things on your own.

That’s really what BigRentz is all about. We empower you with the right tools for your needs. We are helping to guide the adoption of mobile technology into the heavy equipment rental workplace. We understand what it takes to help you implement technology and then balance it with the personal touch that is important to your business and industry. Mobile technology is here to stay, and from our experience working with thousands of equipment rental customers and suppliers across the country, the industry is ready.


Originally published by Liam Standard, BigRentz CTO:

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