The Popularity of Forklifts

The Popularity of Forklifts
Forklifts can be used for a multitude of functions on a worksite or within a warehouse

Why Forklifts are a Popular Rental

When you think of Toyota, you think of the world’ a top-selling automotive brand. But did you know they are also one of the top forklift (i.e., lift trucks) suppliers? It’’s true.  Forklifts are increasingly taking the stage for technologies that implement increased productivity as well as increased processes.

Forklifts are considered to be a common and practical heavy equipment lifting machine for many businesses due to the ease of operation as well as it being quite similar to operating a small vehicle. The front end has two metal prongs that can slide in a wood pallet to maneuver products around a warehouse environment while also lifting the products up into high storage areas safely.

Who’s Renting the Most Forklifts?

Due to the high volume of warehouses in states and cities like Texas: Austin, Dallas, and Houston; Pennsylvania: Allentown, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh; and New York: Buffalo, Syracuse, and Yonkers; BigRentz receives the highest amount of rental requests from those areas.

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