It Takes a Reach Forklift to Move These Books!

It Takes a Reach Forklift to Move These Books!
The Kansas City Public Library

The Kansas City Library Installs a Unique Tribute to Literature

Growing up, I have fond memories of spending countless hours at a local library looking for a variety of books to check out and read. During summer breaks, I could get through a good size book in a couple of days! What was my form of exercise? Lugging home, via public transportation, a stack of books to read for the week. Horror, fantasy, mystery, cookbooks, and magazines—you name it! Books were my way of removing myself from reality or to gain more knowledge on a particular subject.

E-books have become a popular source for those that are looking for convenience. It is amazing that wherever you are—as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection—you can quickly search and download a book to read, assuming the electronic version is available. But surprisingly, according to a SurveyMonkey poll, people still prefer print books, or at least have an option for both e-books and print books.

So, what did Kansas City Public Library (located in Missouri, Kansas) do to promote interest in bringing people into their book sanctuary?  Renovate their parking garage to look like a row of 22 giant books lined on shelves that display highly influential books like Catch-22 and Lord of the Rings. Seriously, it would take a reach forklift to haul one of those 25-foot books home!

The renovation of Kansas City Public Library took $50 million to complete in 2004.  Those are some expensive books but well worth the visit to check out the next time you are in Kansas City.

Speaking of reach forklifts, it is important to know when to rent a reach forklift versus a traditional forklift. A reach forklift is designed for small aisles and their forks extend to reach a load. Also, they have the ability to lift pallets in a vertical fashion that is especially helpful for warehouses that utilize high storage racks.

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