Safety Tips When Using Boom Lifts

Safety Tips When Using Boom Lifts
Boom Lift Safety Tips

An Overview on Boom Lifts

Over the years, boom lifts have picked up a variety of nicknames: cherry picker, aerial lift, vehicle-mounted elevating and rotating work platform, and bucket truck. However, for the sake of this safety article, we will just call it a boom lift.

Boom lifts are great heavy equipment for the use of reaching up and over obstructions. Some lifts scroll up and down. Primarily, there are two types of boom lifts: telescopic and trailer-mounted boom lifts.

Telescopic boom lifts have arms that elongate up to 120 feet at approximately all angles. Commonly used in construction due to their capability of accessing upper stories of buildings.

The biggest benefit of trailer-mounted boom lifts – sometimes referred as towable boom lifts – is their ease of mobility. It can be costly to move a standard boom lift from job to job which is why this equipment is appealing. With the capability of reaching over 50 feet, this boom lift is considered low maintenance in comparison to the rest of the boom lift family.

General Boom Lift Safety Tips

Fatalities with boom lifts are commonly caused by electrocutions, falls, collapses, or when the equipment overturned. This happens from misapplication of the machine, insufficient use, obstacles, unfamiliarity with operator’’s manuals and procedures, and just a lack of training experience.

Below are some tips on how you can keep safe. Your safety is important to us at BigRentz and we want to make sure your renting experience is an overall smooth one!

  1. Avoid the use of a boom lift that is malfunctioning or even damaged.
  2. Always wear protective equipment such as hard hats, gloves, steel-toe boots, and safety glasses.
  3. Test lift controls prior to use to ensure safe working conditions.
  4. Check the density of the platform.
  5. Feet should always be firmly planted on the floor of the basket or elevated platform.
  6. Always keep an eye when elevating boom lift.
  7. Boom lifts should never be used as a crane or other lifting devices.
  8. Avoid overload by never exceeding the manufacturer’’s capacity limits. This includes the weight of tools and bucket liners.
  9. Never use scaffolding, ladders, or other objects to obtain extra height on the platform.
  10. Always maintain a reasonable distance from the base of the boom lift as well as the circumference of it.
  11.  Never climb, sit, or position yourself on the edge of the basket or elevated platform.
  12. Always make sure to maintain a clear view of the path of travel, keep a safe distance from obstacles, debris, drop-offs, holes, slopes and anything else that could be hazardous. Always be aware of the distance of overhead obstacles, such as electrical power lines.

Also, this may seem completely obvious, but never horseplay or attempt any stunts on a lift of any kind.

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