Introducing the McLaughlin Second-generation Vacuum Excavators

Introducing the McLaughlin Second-generation Vacuum Excavators
McLaughlin Second-Generation Tier-4 Vacuum Excavator

McLaughlin’s Tier 4 Vacuum Excavator

The Tier 4 is McLaughlin’’s second-generation vacuum excavator. Its new efficient and clean-burning engine has been reengineered to aid in reduction of noise levels as well as reduction in vibration. In addition, the new engine technology enhances fuel consumption.

The upgraded external hydraulic door opens at an 85-degree angle to allow more accessibility to conduct increased dumping and cleaning of the spoils tank. The cam-over locking system supplies a 360-degree positive door seal, even under temperate pressure, without any additional clamping needs.

With its three-stage filtration system, it pulls both wet and dry material in at 130 mph, where large particles fall out. Next, the air flows through a pre-filter cyclone, where smaller particles releases. Finally, air passes through a washable micron-poly filter that traps any remaining fine particles. McLaughlin states that this process prolongs the life of the final filter.

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