Introducing the McLaughlin Second-generation Vacuum Excavators

Introducing the McLaughlin Second-generation Vacuum Excavators
McLaughlin Second-Generation Tier-4 Vacuum Excavator

Do you need a powerful vacuum excavator to assist you in handling more complex digging jobs? McLaughlin introduces a second-generation vacuum excavator with plenty of new features that can help. Read on to learn more about this new vacuum excavator and discover how it can work for you.

Lower Noise Levels

Turn on the vacuum excavator, and you’ll immediately notice one of the more impressive new features. This second-generation vacuum excavator offers better sound reduction than previous models. The excavator has an enclosed engine to help reduce noise levels. It also features soundproofing inside the heavy-gauge engine enclosure to cut down on vibration. Additionally, this soundproofing reduces the engine sound before it’s released into the air.

More Efficient Operation

Not only does the engine in the new McLaughlin vacuum excavator offer improved sound reduction, it’s also more efficient. The excavator features Tier 4 Final engine technology. This is a clean-burning engine that provides better fuel consumption.

Improved External Hydraulic Door

The external hydraulic door also sees some improvements on the new McLaughlin vacuum excavator. Unlike doors on some vacuum excavators that only open 45 degrees, the McLaughlin door opens at an 85-degree angle. This design makes it easier to quickly dump the tank and clean up any debris left inside. Plus, the inside of the tank has three water jets you can turn on to wash down the walls and knock away any residual material left behind after dumping. Or you can use the reverse flow option to quickly and easily offload liquids without needing to open the rear tank door.

The patented mechanical cam-over locking system gives the door a 360-degree positive seal, even when it’s under reverse pressure. This means you won’t have to use any additional clamping to keep the door sealed. Plus, the cam-over rear-door design closes hydraulically and locks mechanically. This feature ensures the door can’t leak and won’t open under reverse pressure or if you have hydraulic failure.

Updated Design

The McLaughlin vacuum excavator features a newly designed body that offers several improvements. It has a low profile design that measures less than six feet in height. The compact design lets the unit get access to areas that were previously impossible to reach because of height restrictions. Additionally, the lower height also gives the unit a lower center of gravity, which increases its stability, both on the job site and during transport.

The vacuum excavator sits on a trailer chassis that provides 11 inches of axle clearance. With this clearance, the unit can pass over obstacles and rough roads that you typically find at job sites. The McLaughlin excavator also has the control panel mounted high to make sure it stays clear of mud and debris.

Easy-to-Use Control Console

The easy-to-use control console is lockable and features a color graphic monitor. You’ll be able to see all the vital information you need about the vacuum operation, such as engine functions and vacuum and water pressure. This is also where you’ll see all the information you need to know about scheduled maintenance, which can help reduce unwanted downtime.

Exclusive Filtration System

The second-generation vacuum excavator features an exclusive three-stage filtration system that offers both wet and dry vacuum excavation. The process starts when the material enters the tank at 130 mph. At this point, large items lose speed and fall out of the filtration system. Next, the particles move to a pre-filter cyclone in which the remaining small pieces drop into a collection tank. For the final stage of the process, the pre-filtered air goes through a washable micron-poly filter that traps any fine particles still remaining.

Convenient Features

In addition to these new designs, the McLaughlin unit also has several convenient features. The reverse pressure system can help you knock loose any rocks or large debris that get stuck in the vacuum wand. The water tank features an air-gap/quick-fill feature that lets you load up water as quickly as possible. The no-hassle hose sits to the side of the machine, which makes it easy for you to take it on or off. The simple-to-operate hose also helps increase your productivity.

The engine area has a large access door that makes it easier to access the engine for service and maintenance. However, you can also lock the enclosure door to deter potential vandalism and make sure the important parts of the vacuum stay safe and secure.

If you need the ease and convenience of a vacuum excavator at your job site, contact us at BigRentz to learn more about renting the second-generation unit from McLaughlin. Renting lets you use equipment only when you need it.

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