Skilled Trades

14 Construction Skills You Need to Land a Job

Construction work is a physically and mentally challenging career. Here are 14 construction skills workers should have to succeed on the job site.

How to Recruit Skilled Workers: 13 Proven Tactics

Given the growing labor shortage in trade industries, it’s incredibly hard to find skilled workers for your project or company. Here are 13 tactics you can use to improve your hiring chances.

Survey: What Do Young Americans Really Think About Trade School?

We surveyed 3,000 young Americans to test their knowledge of trade schools and learn possible reasons for the decline in interest.

Best Jobs for Returning Service Members

When returning from active duty and transitioning to civilian life, one of the first things a soldier must do is find a job. While military service provides many critical skills that can translate well into civilian jobs, sometimes the transition itself and communicating those skills to a non-military hiring manager is a big challenge to overcome.

The Importance of Skilled Trades

High school and even junior high school students have a lot of pressure to prepare for college and earn a degree. For a lot of people, going to college is an automatic choice when they complete high school. But is it always the right choice?

Construction Careers vs. a College Education, Which Pays Out More? (Infographic)

Many of us were told college is the best road to a financially secure future. That’s not always the case. See how many construction jobs pay more than some office jobs (and without all that student loan debt).

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