Three Ways BigRentz Supports Construction Equipment Suppliers
BigRentz is a valuable resource for heavy equipment suppliers

BigRentz started in 2012 with a small team of employees keen to change the heavy equipment rental industry with a unique business model. Rather than renting our own equipment, we use the equipment in our supplier network. Today we’re a proud member of the construction community with more than 1,650 supply partners representing more than 8,000 rental yards across the United States. Our partnerships help our suppliers expand their reach, build their customer base, and maximize their profits. We understand our construction equipment suppliers are the backbone of our business. That’s why we support them in the following three ways.

We Help Suppliers Make the Most of Their Fleet

All rental companies want to make the most of the fleet they’ve invested in. When their equipment is unused, it costs them money. At BigRentz, we help suppliers rent out their underutilized equipment to boost their profits.

Construction equipment suppliers usually focus on providing equipment to local businesses from the sectors where they’ve enjoyed past success. We help our suppliers widen their nets. While we know supporting a core customer base matters, we help our suppliers find new rental opportunities to grow. Often these new opportunities help our suppliers connect with new businesses interested in their underutilized equipment.

Even rental companies who don’t have underutilized equipment usually find new rental prospects through BigRentz. We have loyal customers from around the country because we’re a one-stop shop meeting all their heavy equipment needs. When customers keep returning to BigRentz, it’s not just a win for us. Our suppliers enjoy their repeat business too.

Our QuickRentz program makes using the fleet’s rental equipment even easier for our suppliers. Through the system, registered suppliers receive email or SMS notifications of BigRentz’s customer requests in real time. Each rental request is thorough, detailing the requested equipment, job location, and dates. These details help suppliers determine if a job is the right fit. If they have the equipment to spare, our suppliers can claim the rental with one quick tap. The system rewards suppliers with high service ratings. These partners get full access to all local deals meeting BigRentz’ eligibility guidelines.

“As our customer base and supplier network continue to grow, we recognize the opportunity to help both groups by creating more efficient solutions that enhance our customers’ access to the best equipment suppliers in the country, while increasing our suppliers’ chances to fulfill more rentals,” explained BigRentz’ chief executive officer, Dallas Imbimbo. “Suppliers who register for QuickRentz will receive increased, prequalified rental opportunities, eliminating the back and forth of sourcing equipment over the phone. QuickRentz expedites the rental process while eliminating errors and requires zero technology investment.”

We Share Our Data Insights with Suppliers

Late management expert Peter Drucker once said “What gets measured, gets managed.” This quote shows how important data is to businesses, including construction equipment supply firms. BigRentz’s partner suppliers benefit from our data-driven business processes. We track every facet of our business, from our website traffic to the phone calls we receive. Many of our processes are also automated to boost data accuracy. We willingly share our data with our suppliers so they understand the demand for their equipment. Studying the trends helps suppliers predict future demand and plan their fleet accordingly.

We Help Our Suppliers Serve Their Customers Better

No rental business likes turning away loyal customers and sending them to the competition. Yet this is a reality for many popular rental businesses whose fleets can’t keep pace with demand. The danger here is that if you don’t have the equipment your customers need and you send them to a competitor who does, they may never return.

You could try sourcing the equipment requested from another branch or a competitor. Yet that could take a lot of time and effort. Managing the re-rent also takes focus away from core business efforts. That’s why many re-rents fall through the cracks.

BigRentz has a built-in support network, called the BigRentz Pro division, that prevents this problem. BigRentz can help you source the equipment you need to keep your customers happy, even when your own fleet is at capacity.

BigRentz believes close relationships with its construction equipment suppliers are a key part of its success. That’s why it works so hard to support them in a variety of areas. If you want to learn more about our work in the construction sector or register for QuickRentz, visit the BigRentz website. Alternatively, call us on 888-325-5171 to discuss how we can help your business.