The Top 5 Heavy Equipment Manufacturers in the World

The Top 5 Heavy Equipment Manufacturers in the World
A Caterpillar excavator digging on-site

Below are the top five manufacturers who have setup high standards in terms of quality, technology and user experience.

Caterpillar (USA)

Caterpillar is a huge name in the heavy equipment industry. With its 110 manufacturing facilities spread all around the globe, Caterpillar is one of the biggest contributors in technology and engineering. Used and new spare parts and attachments are easily available in the marketplace, which makes it a very popular brand.

The company offers nearly 400 products, including excavators, dozers, trucks, pavers and loaders. Caterpillar is also the world’s largest manufacturer of wheel loaders.

Komatsu (Japan)

Komatsu in Japan is another highly recognized manufacturer. From crushers, dozers, excavators and graders to shovels, trucks, wheel loaders and more, they have the inventory.

Komatsu products are famous for their quality and reliability on the job site. They focus on providing safe and innovative products.

Volvo Construction Equipment (Sweden)

Volvo is a well-known heavy equipment manufacturer that provides a vast array of construction equipment. Wheeled loaders, backhoe loaders, excavators, articulated haulers, utility equipment and motor graders are the top selling products in Volvo’s line.

While they meet high standards of quality and safety, Volvo is also dedicated to environment responsibility, which appeals to eco-conscious construction companies (and their clients).

Hitachi Construction Equipment (Japan)

Hitachi Construction Equipment has earned a good name in the supplying and manufacturing of heavy equipment and attachments. Hitachi’s heavy construction units offer a wide range of excavators, wheel loaders, rigid dump trucks, compaction equipment, mining management system, cranes machines foundations, attachments, and applications.

Hitachi products are engineered to provide a low cost of operation without losing efficiency points. Every part is properly engineered, tested and approved as per their high quality standards.

Liebherr (Germany)

Based in Switzerland, Liebherr is a company that stepped into the industry through crane manufacturing. They’re now the largest crane manufacturer in the world.

Liebherr has since expanded its product lines to include mining trucks, household appliances and aircraft parts. Liebherr specializes in manufacturing tower cranes, excavators (wheeled, crawler and electric), bulldozers and forklifts.

In the Aerospace niche, Liebherr is a leading supplier of craft management equipment, landing gear and flight control systems.

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