Top Compact Crawler Boom Lift for 2013
JLG X55-AJ Compact Crawler Boom

The Many Benefits of the JLG X55-AJ Compact Crawler Boom

When we saw the JLG X55-AJ Compact Crawler Boom Lift, we were impressed!  Due to the low height and rubber tracks, this boom lift can go more places at your job site (e.g., gates, public buildings, and standard doorways) and is easily transported on a trailer or tilt-back truck due to its compact design.

Platform height is 55 feet, 21 feet horizontal reach, 440-pound platform capacity, with an overall width of 31 inches; this X550AJ is not only mobile but also lightweight.

Another great feature for the X550AJ is that it is environmentally friendly with its electric and combustion combination power making it more efficient with energy usage.

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