Types of Construction and Boom Lifts

Types of Construction and Boom Lifts

Scissor Lift

The scissor lift is a piece of aerial equipment.  They are versatile pieces of equipment that are used by a variety of different personnel.  For example, scissor lifts can be used by fire departments and construction workers, usually to carry small loads.  They are easily maneuvered, making them ideal for emergency access. In general, aerial equipment is used to transfer and operate loads under a ton.

In addition, because of their popularity with construction and maintenance workers, they often have additional features such as electrical outlets which can be used onsite.  Examples of jobs in which you would use aerial equipment for would be changing light fixtures on a high ceiling or in place of a ladder.  The elevated platform ensures a stable and reliable footing for workers utilizing the scissor lift.  Also, they could be used by fireman to enter into multi-leveled buildings in the event of an emergency.

Bucket Truck

A bucket truck is a type of truck that has an extendable arm with a crate in which a worker can operate a set of controls that elevate or lower the “bucket” the worker is inside of.  Like the scissor lift, this too is an aerial device, as its intended purpose is to raise workers high into the air, allowing them to operate at great heights.  As such, it is marketed to a similar clientele. The boom on bucket trucks, depending on the intended purpose, may be telescopic, allowing for a greater range of motion in use.  

Examples of popular bucket truck use is electrical engineering and telecommunication systems.  These jobs generally require longer booms, as workers need to reach high.  Another intended use could be cut down branches from a tall tree.

Articulated Boom Lift

Articulated boom lifts are a type aerial equipment that allows workers to have greater control of where they are moving, and in what direction.  Construction workers often use these to get around hazardous obstacles, as the greater control allows you to approach a problem from multiple directions.  Another example in which an articulated boom lift would be a preferable lift would be if you are trying to operate a telephone wire, but there is an obstacle blocking the path immediately next to or beneath the telephone pole it is attached to.  By manipulating the arms of the articulated boom lift, you would be able to operate on the telephone wire.  Likewise, firemen who need to get into a house may use an articulated boom lift if they can not park immediately next to a house.

Telescoping Boom Lift

A telescoping boom lift if a platform that is only attached to one extremely long arm, as opposed to the multiple attached arms of an articulated boom lift. This allows greater stability at greater heights than any other machinery. Construction workers may use these when atmospheric conditions are unfavorable when working on a project. Firemen may use them when trying to reach a roof.

Telescoping boom lifts are used when there are immediate obstacles near an object, but less precision is necessary.

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