Unique Marketing Ideas for Disaster Restoration
Disaster restoration marketing faces the dilemma of being sensitive to your customers’ situation while also providing the services they’ll need

Marketing poses unique challenges for disaster restoration professionals. Your services aren’t on anyone’s wish lists, so you’ll need a creative approach to sell them. You should also be sensitive to customers who will use your services at very stressful and challenging times. Disasters only happen now and again, so potential customers will usually see your marketing efforts when they don’t need them. That means your marketing must be memorable enough so it can be recalled later. The following clever marketing tactics can help you effectively market your disaster restoration firm.

Inspire Positive Referrals

Word-of-mouth referrals are a powerful marketing tool, with a Nielsen study noting that 92 percent of consumers value the recommendations of family members or friends more than any other kind of advertising. When people are happy with your business, they’ll want to tell others about it, especially if there’s something in it for them. You can leverage this natural tendency and the power of positive word of mouth by implementing a referral program. Cash back or a gift voucher when a past customer introduces a new paying customer to your disaster restoration firm is an easy idea.

You can take this idea even further by forging partnerships with relevant businesses. You could give an insurance company a set amount for any new customer it brings your way or give your suppliers a percentage off their next invoice when they do the same.

Aside from improving your credibility, this kind of marketing is so appealing because once it’s in place, other businesses or individuals do the work on your behalf. Make a written plan for your referral program, and distribute it to everyone who takes part so there’s no confusion about its terms.

Hold Safety Seminars

Homeowners are naturally concerned about threats that may impact their properties. Your disaster restoration business is in a unique position to speak about those threats and help put minds at ease. Holding safety seminars is an excellent way to bring communities of potential customers together, establish your firm as an expert in your industry, and increase brand awareness. It can also transform your business’ image, making it seem more caring and less like it’s waiting for disaster to strike.

If your business is in a disaster zone, offer seminars that discuss tips for managing these natural phenomena and reducing the risks to property. Seminars about preventing house fires or mold growth can suit any location. Make sure to brand your seminars with business banners and posters and distribute handouts with your business information for attendees to take home.

Send Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are an effective way to market your business to potential customers over the long term. Sending regular newsletters will help keep your disaster restoration company at the top of householders’ minds should the worst happen to their home.

Sending a monthly newsletter is ideal, but only if you have enough quality content to fill it. Home safety tips, customer testimonials, and print-out coloring sheets for kids are all great ideas. Put yourself in your client base’s shoes and think of what kind of content you’d like to see.

If you find you’re adding a lot of filler items, scale your newsletter back to every quarter. It’s better to send top-quality newsletters less frequently that people will want to open than a lot of newsletters that aren’t worth reading. Monitor your open and click-through rates to determine how effective your newsletters are, and make adjustments where necessary.

Don’t Forget Social Media

Social media may have once been exclusively the domain for millennials, but times have changed. While social media providers don’t publish data about whether their users own their own homes, rent, or live with others, the Community and Regional Resilience Institute crunched the numbers and believes nearly half of all homeowners use at least one social media platform. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are the most popular social media networks, so make sure you’re across all these.

Social media marketing is an affordable way to raise awareness of your disaster restoration company and make it appear more human and approachable. Social media also makes it easy to communicate with your customers and gather feedback quickly. Post articles from your website to get a larger audience. Sharing articles published by your suppliers and other business partners, like your preferred equipment rental company, is also a great way to strengthen professional relationships. Hopefully, these partners will return the favor and help you expand your marketing reach.

Marketing disaster restoration isn’t easy, but with some creativity you can find ways to improve your brand awareness and enjoy a steady stream of customers.

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