What Are the Functions of a GPS Tracking System?

What Are the Functions of a GPS Tracking System?
GPS tracking helps to keep your equipment rental assets safe

Running a fleet of company vehicles can be a hectic endeavor. That is where a GPS Tracking System can come in handy to allow a business owner or fleet dispatcher to always know the location of all vehicles under your domain at all times. This is only the beginning of the benefits because even the most basic system can allow your business to increase the security of your fleet, reduce the costs of operating the vehicles and improve customer service and much more. These are the functions that you should consider.

Reducing Unauthorized Use

Most employees are great, but a few are going to stretch the rules. Bad behavior needs to be stopped and this type of tracking feature will do just that. The vehicles you own are vital to the success of your business and any misuse could cost money to your bottom line. It will allow you to know if the vehicle is being used for personal business. Most telematics can view the journey of a vehicle and even replay it for review with an employee. Points of interest can be entered into the system which will generate alerts immediately if the vehicle stops there. Unauthorized use of vehicles always costs your business money.

Keeping Fuel Costs Low

Many management systems are going to be able to be pre-set to inform if the vehicles are speeding or excessively idling. Speeding will be a detriment to your fuel costs and follow a lower speed will save you money. There also is the safety factor to consider and damage to your vehicle and rising costs of insurance as well. With excessive idling, the fleet operator sets a limit and when that threshold is crossed, an alert is generated. The gas bill can also be lowered by simply using the GPS function to take the most efficient routes to all destinations.

Control Labor Costs

Many telematics provide a timecard function that allows for drivers to be paid accurately for the time they are behind the wheel. They can generate a detailed report about the exact time that a driver has been working including official start and stop times for each day. This is not only incredibly accurate. It saves a lot of validation of time sheets at the office. Keeping payroll to the actual hours worked and generating it with less paperwork and confusion.

Make Business More Productive

One of the features that a GPS tracking system has is a “find the nearest vehicle” function. When an issue comes up during the day with a client, you can find the closest vehicle and get them on the scene incredibly quickly. This can add extra jobs to a workforce and allow for more productivity and customer satisfaction. Just a few extra jobs a week can significantly increase your bottom line. Getting your people on the scene quickly will make all the difference.

Managing all the company vehicles can be a difficult task, but when you have the right equipment to keep track of all your vehicles, their routes and the activities of your drivers, management can be done much more efficiently. It is economically the right thing to do to increase the bottom line of your business.

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