Watch Out for Weather Hazards on the Worksite!

Watch Out for Weather Hazards on the Worksite!
Take the proper steps to prepare for weather adversity when on the job

Construction is Dangerous – Be Careful Out There!

According to many sources over the last couple of years, construction workers have been rated in the top 10 deadliest positions in the US.  In fact, in 2011, the death rate was 18.3 per 100,000 workers.

Why are Construction Worksites so Dangerous?

Think about it:

Where do construction jobs take place?

  • Underground- where the earth may be unstable and oxygen lacking
  • At great heights- where the structures are yet to be stable and wind can cause risky conditions
  • Busy worksites-  with many workers coming and going, human error is high
  • Busy highways- where drivers are whizzing by your “office”

And what about the material construction workers use in most cases?

  • Hazardous materials
  • Power Tools
  • Heavy equipment
  • Explosives

Unpredictable Danger- Weather

With all of these dangers on the work site, construction workers have to take extra precaution before starting a project.  But one other thing that they need to prepare for and watch closely every day is the weather.

High winds, extreme heat, snow, rain, lightning, tornadoes, and storms are all conditions that need to be monitored before starting and working on any project.

The Heat and Cold

Being outside in extreme heat or cold can be very hazardous to your health.  In the dead of summer, you want to avoid any chance of a heat stroke.  If not cared for properly, heat stroke can be fatal.  In extreme cold, the risk is both hypothermia and frostbite which both can be fatal as well, if not treated quickly.

Lightning Strikes and Storms

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, there are nearly 53 deaths from lightning strikes every year in the US.  It is important to take the threat of lightning very seriously.  Workers may see an approaching storm and try to work through the first wave of gray clouds because they are focused on getting the job done.  This is a bad idea.

Research has shown that the deadliest strikes occur at the very beginning (before the rain makes its appearance) or end of the storm.  If a serious storm is approaching, seek cover.  It is important to note that you should not find shelter under machinery.  Remove yourself completely from any scissor lifts, or dismount from any mobile equipment such as a backhoe, excavator or forklift.

BigRentz Wants You to Be Safe

Safety is a huge priority when renting construction equipment through BigRentz.  We provide many safety resources on our site to make sure that you are prepared for the use of our equipment.  We also make sure that all of our equipment is up-to-date on inspections and includes the property safety manuals and instructions.

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