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5-6 Yard, Dump Truck


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About Dump Truck

You have a broad selection of dump truck types to choose from.

You have a lot of material to move and no time to waste. You need to load up, traverse rocky terrain or miles of highway, unload it all, and then do it again all day.

Standard Dump Truck

You’re familiar with the standard dump truck’s big box tilted backward by a hydraulic arm. It’s just like your trusty yellow Tonka but running on reliable diesel fuel. With a cab and three axles with six to 10 wheels, this workhorse can handle most small to medium jobs off the road and down the highway. Modern trucks offer remote control of the bed for safety.

Articulated Dump Truck

A hinge between the cab and the bed makes the articulated dump truck more maneuverable in tight spaces and rough terrain. These are typically used in mining operations and are not so efficient on paved roads.

Side Dump Trailer

A side dump is a long trailer pulled behind a semi. The long wheelbase is very stable on the road. They are the fastest to unload but require lots of room to maneuver and spread the material over a wide area.

Bottom Dump Trailer

If you need to drop gravel, asphalt, or other cargo in a narrow, precise pattern, the bottom dump trailer might be the best choice. A clamshell gate in the underside of the trailer opens up to allow greater control.

Transfer Dump Trailer

For moving big loads over long distances, you can (depending on the state) hook one or two additional dump trailers behind a standard dump truck.

So what configuration of dump truck do you need?

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