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Forklift Rental & Material Handling Equipment (70)

Forklifts are a type of material handling equipment that uses a double-pronged attachment called a fork to lift and carry heavy palletized materials...Show More

Forklifts are a type of material handling equipment that uses a double-pronged attachment called a fork to lift and carry heavy palletized materials. Forklift models vary widely depending on the task. The most common forklifts are warehouse forklifts, which come with either pneumatic or cushion tires.

Other common types of forklifts are the walkie stacker models, pallet jacks, and telehandlers. These lift trucks are designed for indoor applications and can carry smaller palletized loads around worksites. Check out the FAQs below to learn more.

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4,000 lbs. Reach Truck

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Box Clamp For Forklift

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How much does it cost to rent a forklift?

Forklift rental costs vary depending on the type of forklift you need. On average, a standard 5,000-pound cushion tire, warehouse forklift costs around $150 a day to rent. Electric forklifts, pneumatic tires, or forklifts with higher weight-lifting capacity will be more expensive.
For example, a 5,000 lbs pneumatic tire warehouse forklift costs $154 per day and up to $1,040 per month to rent. Meanwhile, a quad mast pneumatic tire warehouse forklift with the same lift capacity costs $234 per day or $1,248 per month to rent. Larger load sizes will cost more, as well. An 8,000 lbs cushion tire warehouse forklift costs $269 per day, $624 per week, and $1,560 per month (long-term) to rent.

What type of forklift do I need?

There are many models and classifications of forklifts. They include:

  • Warehouse forklifts: Capable of lifting between 1 and 5 tons, they are great for loading and unloading packaged products in a warehouse setting.
  • Counterbalance forklift: This common forklift has a counterweight situated at the rear to counterbalance the load lifted by the forks.
  • Industrial forklift: These powerful forklifts are able to lift heavy loads high off the ground.
  • Telehandler: Also known as a telescopic forklift, it has a boom and extendable arm, which increases the lifting range.
  • Rough terrain forklift: These are designed for heavy-duty outdoor work and can handle uneven ground, featuring oversized pneumatic tires for extra balance and stability.
  • Pallet jack: Also known as pump trucks, these devices are manually pushed or pulled. They use pneumatic or electric power to raise items off the ground for movement.

What’s the difference between pneumatic tires and cushion tires?

Pneumatic tires, or air-filled tires, offer better traction and are ideal for outdoor jobs with undeveloped surfaces, while cushion tires are better for navigating congested warehouse floors and tight aisles.

Do I need a forklift attachment?

Forklifts can accommodate different attachments in addition to the standard forks. The most common attachments include:

  • Booms: Allow the forklift to lift loads up to 8,000 pounds from above, instead of below. They can also support claws to help move oddly-shaped items.
  • Rotators: Able to lift and spin bins and other containers 360 degrees.
  • Platforms: Equipped with rails and safety straps, these are great for lifting workers.

Each attachment will have a different rental cost, which will also vary depending on the size and type of forklift to which it will be attached.

Do I need a license to operate a forklift?

OSHA requires all forklift operators to be certified. Those younger than 18 aren’t allowed to operate powered industrial lift trucks.
Each forklift has different certifications. Forklift operators must take a training course. After training, they must pass a written test and be evaluated on their hands-on operation. Forklift operators should be familiar with steering, driving, loading/unloading, safety, and maintenance aspects of the forklift.

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