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About Atrium Manlift

Rent an atrium manlift for your next construction or maintenance job. The arm design of an atrium lift lets you reach high jobs and move to the sides, too. They are lightweight, easy to move, and sturdy when you have them in place.

What Is an Atrium Manlift?

An atrium man lift is a kind of fuel-powered lift. The lift is a long extending arm with a basket or platform on one end. The arm telescopes and folds. The lift sits on a wheeled chassis. It also goes by the names compact crawler lift and spider lift. We categorize these lifts by how high they can reach. They run on electricity, diesel, gas, or batteries.

What Can An Atrium Lift Do?

These lifts work for construction and maintenance, both inside and outside. Aerial work platforms allow your workers to reach difficult to get to, high spots.

They have many benefits:

  • 360-degree rotation ability.
  • Z or S knuckles on an articulated boom.
  • Legs that extend and lock in place for extra stability.
  • Four-wheel drive.

When Do You Need an Atrium Man Lift?

Atrium man lifts have low weight, which is why people use them indoors. Many kinds of flooring have weight restrictions, and heavier lifts can crack or harm these floors. The low weight of an atrium man lift means that they work well indoors. They are also popular for indoor jobs because they give you a high aerial work platform for spaces with high ceilings.

You can use atrium lifts outdoors, too. Their legs will stay steady on slopes with up to a 40 percent gradient. They work for construction jobs. You can also use them during maintenance jobs like window cleaning. They are excellent in urban settings where you don’t have room for big equipment.

Use an atrium manlift:

  • When your machine needs to be lightweight.
  • When you need to reach very high spaces.
  • When you’re doing indoor work.

The Dimensions of Our Atrium Manlifts

Extended height: 40-99 feet.

Horizontal reach: 22-47 feet.

Weight: 3,600-13,200 pounds.

Workspace with legs: 11×10 feet, 12×12 feet, 10.5×14.5 feet.

Gradient: 21-40 percent.

Folded up atrium manlifts are small enough to fit through doors. You can drive them through spaces that other lifts can’t negotiate. However, when you put the legs down, they take up more space. Remember that you can use the horizontal reach to get to many difficult spots.

Why Rent an Atrium Manlift?

Get atrium lifts in lots of sizes from BigRentz. Rent a lift for an eight-hour day, a five-day week, or a 20-day period.

Why you should rent for your aerial work:

  • You don’t have to do maintenance.
  • You always have the exact lift size your job requires.
  • You don’t have to store the lift.
  • Figuring out job costs is simpler.
  • Keep your overhead costs lower.

Trim trees, clean windows, and decorate high up. If you need to work in tight indoor and outdoor spaces, an atrium manlift is a good fit. Think about renting one for your next gig.

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