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About Atrium Manlift

You may encounter times when you need to access a workspace higher than what a regular ladder can handle. Whether you’re trimming a tree, changing a light bulb, or painting a ceiling, discover how the high reach of an atrium manlift can help you.

What Is an Atrium Manlift?

Atrium manlifts, sometimes called compact crawler lifts or spider lifts, are a type of fuel-powered lift with a long extending arm that has a basket or platform at one end. Atrium manlifts are great for narrow workspaces because they have a telescoping and folding arm and they sit on a wheeled chassis. While they can run on diesel or gas, you’ll also find models that use electricity or batteries. You’ll find atrium manlifts can be suitable for a variety of jobs.

What Can an Atrium Lift Do?

Atrium lifts are great for both indoor and outdoor work. Aerial work platforms allow you to reach spots that are high or difficult to reach.
These types of lifts have many benefits, including the following:

  • 360-degree rotation ability
  • Z or S knuckles on an articulated boom
  • Legs that extend and lock into place for extra stability
  • Four-wheel drive capability

When Do You Need an Atrium Manlift?

Many indoor floors have weight restrictions, and heavier lifts can crack or harm these floors. However, the low weight of an atrium manlift means that they work well indoors. They’re also popular for indoor jobs because they give you a high aerial work platform for spaces with high ceilings. Atrium manlifts are commonly used for indoor renovation, construction, and maintenance projects.
When using atrium lifts outdoors, their legs will stay steady on slopes with up to a 40 percent gradient. You can use them for selected maintenance jobs, such as window cleaning, or for construction jobs, such as installing lights on the side of a building. Additionally, they’re excellent in urban settings when space is limited, and you don’t have room for large pieces of equipment.

Dimensions of Atrium Manlifts

If you’re trying to decide if an atrium manlift is right for your next job, consider the following dimensions of the equipment. Extension height, weight, and gradient details are some of the measurements you need to consider before bringing an atrium manlift to your job site. Dimensions for a typical manlift are as follows:

  • Extended height: 40-99 feet
  • Horizontal reach: 22-47 feet
  • Weight: 3,600-13,200 pounds
  • Workspace with legs: 11-by-10 feet, 12-by-12 feet, 10.5-by-14.5 feet
  • Gradient: 21-40 percent

Folded up atrium manlifts are small enough to fit through doors. You can also drive them through spaces that other lifts can’t negotiate. However, keep in mind that when you put the legs down, they will take up slightly more space.

Why Rent an Atrium Manlift?

If you find you need some extra height at your worksite, you can rent an atrium manlift from BigRentz. When you rent this equipment for your aerial work, you’ll enjoy benefits that include the following:

  • No maintenance
  • Getting the exact lift size your job requires
  • Not paying for storage when you’re not using the lift
  • Lower overhead costs

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