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2.5 - 9 Ton Carry Deck Cranes

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9 Ton, Carry Deck Crane


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About 2.5-9 ton

<!–2.5 – 9 ton lifting capacity carry deck cranes are recommended for small-scale operations where frequent transporting, lifting, loading, or carrying of heavy materials is necessary. The crane itself is situated on top of a 360-degree rotating turntable so operators can adjust heavy hauls from a stationary position when needed. The vehicle’s carry deck is installed at its fore so that the crane can hoist and drop heavy materials onto it, allowing operators to transport the haul anywhere on site and negating the need to transport materials manually. The crane is also used to elevate materials to hard-to-reach locations. Its small frame is designed so that it can easily access locations with low overhangs while carrying objects, and it can easily maneuver congested areas as well. Other typical uses include loading or unloading heavy objects, such as tools, equipment, or parts, from trucks. The 2.5 – 9 ton carry deck cranes are a great asset for construction and industrial teams alike.–>
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