How to Prepare a Business for a Hurricane

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Hurricanes are unavoidable; do what you can to prepare yourself and your business for the next big one

Any business that is located on the coast of Florida or Texas is in the direct pathway of the majority of hurricanes that make landfall in America. There is no way to combat a natural disaster or a storm of that magnitude, so the best solution is to put time and effort into proper preparation for the hurricane, so your business has the least damages possible.

There is one, and only one, good feature of a hurricane and that is that, typically, the local weather station announces its arrival two to four days in advance. The notice begins being very vague, but soon they know the path and within miles where the storm will hit land. A natural disaster, like a hurricane, may leave extreme damages in its trail, but with proper preparation, the damages can be minimized.

It is essential for businesses along the coast to carry insurance for both the interior and the exterior if they own the building. A business that is in the path of a hurricane should always carry ample insurance for the contents of the building, for the exterior, and for any people who could be hurt due to the storm.

Your storm policy should include flood insurance, and if it doesn’t, a separate policy should be taken out against the damages incurred by a leak or broken windows. A storm may last for several days, 24 hours a day, and that would create quite a flood in your building. It is better to be prepared.

The old adage stands true that says the best preparation leads to the least recovery. Here are several essential tips for securing your building for an oncoming natural disaster like a hurricane.

How to Prepare a Business for a Hurricane

  1. Make sure you’re properly insured.
  2. As soon as the weather report announces a natural disaster of this magnitude, usually one week in advance, call your insurance company to make sure you have an effective insurance policy in force if the worst should occur.

  3. Prepare your office physically for the storm.
  4. About one week before the storm is scheduled to hit land, determine whether your business has the need for sand bags; is it on the first floor? If you need boards for the windows, plan how to obtain them and how you will attach them quickly if you do.

  5. Order generators and other equipment you’ll need during and after the the hurricane.
  6. If the electricity goes out, do you need generators to keep your property lit for customers? Are you prepared if it’s out for a week afterward? Check all equipment that you need to maintain occupancy.

  7. Prepare for the possibility of evacuation.
  8. If the authorities call for an evacuation, what specific tasks need to be accomplished when there is no one available for any last minute preparations or emergencies?

After your preparation, there is little more that you can do but wait. The next few days are up to Mother Nature. Depending on the strength of the hurricane, you can be assured that there will be some recovery to get your business back to A-1 shape again, but hopefully, your preparations were sufficient. Natural disasters like this are extremely unpredictable, so use care at all times.

If you need assistance following a hurricane or any other natural disaster, please do not hesitate to contact or call BigRentz at (888) 325-5172; we are here to help.

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