How To Track an Employee’s Time and Attendance

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Tracking employee attendance and hours protects your business and guarantees accurate payroll

Tracking when and how often an employee shows up for work can be a difficult task. You won’t want to be inaccurate on this, and should you make a mistake – you’ll be highly likely to cause a panic. Time tracking is something that most employers dread since it is so time-consuming and such a major distraction from day-to-day business. Fortunately, there are plenty of great tools and software packages which can make this chore less daunting. This is a fairly easy task as employee hours are easily recorded with any computer system.

How To Track an Employee’s Time and Attendance

  1. Use the right timekeeping tools
  2. Timekeeping tools are used to keep track of the times that your employees arrive at and leave from work, as well as the breaks that they take in between. Additionally, timekeeping software also allows you to track employee attendance. Since every successful business needs reliable employees, you should be looking at attendance reports on a daily basis to verify accuracy. The system should allow each employee to punch in and out whenever they are arriving at and leaving from work.

  3. Keep Payroll Simple
  4. Since most employees rely on paychecks, you’ll want to keep payroll as simple as possible to ensure that you are able to get the task done in a timely manner. Software allows you to import the hours worked and calculate the hourly rate accordingly.

  5. Verify Hours Worked
  6. Ensure that you are able to confirm that each employee has worked the hours that they say that they have worked. You are owed an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. Don’t let any employee trick you into believing that they have worked for more than you can verify.

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