What Material Handling Equipment You Need for Narrow Areas

When you work in manufacturing, you need material handling equipment. This sort of machinery makes the manufacturing process easier. It can lift heavy objects and move them to other parts of the assembly line. Sometimes, you’ll face a difficult situation, though. Which of the types of handling equipment should you use for a tight space? Here’s a guide on picking what equipment you need to work in a narrow area.

Benefits of Material Handling Equipment

Your warehouse and your assembly line are two of the most important aspects of your business. You store your materials at a warehouse. These supplies are some of your largest expenses as a manufacturer. You need to protect them and make sure that you don’t waste or damage these products.

Even in large warehouses, lots of materials get stored in places that are narrow and hard to reach. Your highest shelves probably aren’t ones that workers can reach, especially if they’re in a tight area. You need machinery that can reach these spaces.

Along those lines, a lot of the products on your assembly line are too heavy to lift. The same applies to goods that you keep on your shelves.

These two situations and others like them are why companies use handling equipment. This machinery does the heavy lifting. It also reaches the highest shelves. Your business will save time and money while also avoiding costly injuries that workers could suffer on the job.

Transport Equipment

Transport equipment moves goods from one location to another. You’ll use this equipment in a lot of ways. You may take something from your warehouse and drive it to another one. You could also move an item to a different place in the warehouse. For example, you may move an item from a shelf to a shipping dock.

Industrial trucks like forklifts are the best examples of transport equipment. They come in several forms. Many of them are small enough to work in narrow workspaces.

A dolly is a small type of industrial truck. It has wheels on the bottom, handles to grip, and a storage area in the middle. You can place goods on the dolly. Then, you can use the wheels to push it easily to a new location.

Engineered Systems

One of the best ways to improve efficiency is through automation. You can use machines to move goods quickly. You will also have fewer mistakes. That’s because you have stopped human error.

Conveyor systems are the most famous type of engineered systems. These machines carry items down a set path to a fixed location. They are quick and smooth in the delivery process.

Other forms of engineered systems have grown popular in recent years. Some businesses train robots to do basic tasks like moving goods. Drones are also useful for many automate tasks.

Storage Equipment

You need special places in your warehouse to store your goods. Otherwise, you won’t use your space well. Storage equipment is the easiest handling equipment to understand. Shelves, bins, stacking frames, and drawers are kinds of storage. Your business should use many of these options to maximize space.

Which Type Is Best for Narrow Areas?

Your business will need to lift some loads in narrow spaces. These tight quarters in your warehouse require a bit more thought.

Industrial trucks are the items you will use the most in a warehouse. When you rent this equipment, you can move goods through any space. Forklifts come in many shapes and styles for this reason. They can work in tight spaces while still doing basic tasks.

Sometimes, forklifts are too big, though. The pallets are too wide for small spaces. In these instances, a hydraulic lift stacker is a good choice.

These stackers are built to lift heavy objects onto shelves. They can lift and stack items that weigh a ton, and they can reach more than 10 feet in the air. Think of this lifting equipment as a smaller version of a forklift. It can do many of the same tasks in a smaller space.

Engineered systems are a good solution for some. You must think about whether the cost of robots and drones is acceptable, though. These systems will get cheaper in future years. You’re likely better served using rented industrial trucks for now.

You will use storage equipment in these tight areas. Such items aren’t a full solution, though. You will need something to stack them and transport them. That’s another reason why industrial trucks are so valuable.

As you can see, standard warehouse handling equipment is your best bet. These machines have plenty of uses. They’re also cheap to rent.