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How to Use an Aerial Lift to Make Your Next Client Video Remarkable

How to Use an Aerial Lift to Make Your Next Client Video Remarkable
A modified aerial lift being used to capture the perfect shot.

A professional videographer goes above and beyond to ensure that their client’s video is excellent. In fact, many videographers are known for renting aerial lift equipment. They do this so that they have a wide array of choices on how to take video of certain scenes.

One particular piece of equipment that has been used is an aerial lift platform. This may sound a little out there but think of the situations in which you would need one. One such scenario would be for aerial views. Let’s take a look at three reasons to use an aerial lift to help take your video to the next level.

Higher Aerial Work Platform

Some scenes are better taken from above. With aerial lifts, boom lifts, or scissor lifts, you no longer have to stand on wobbly chairs, step stools, or any other surface. The type of lift you may use varies on your needs. Do you need to go straight up and down or do you need it to go in articulating steps? Do you need an electric or diesel running lift? Will you need to tow it or are you putting it on a trailer? Once you’ve figured out the answers to these questions, you’ll need to start thinking about height.

Lifts come in different heights. How high up do you need to go? You can choose from 34 to 60-foot height. With these choices, you’d be able to gauge what your final result will be.

With a guarded platform, the aerial lift also serves as a protection from falling. Using a lift with a protected guardrail will ensure your safety as you create amazing videos.

Add More Depth to Your Project

Let’s face it, taking aerial shots, zooming high and then low, really adds extra depth to your project. Videos, whether they are short movies or advertisements, need layers. Layers add creativity to any project and make the final product a success.

Is there a space that is a tight fit, but would make an excellent shot in your video? That’s where the lift comes in. Take a treetop shot for that treehouse video you’re shooting. Better yet, showcase the gorgeous autumn foliage surrounding the treehouse.

You’re good at thinking outside the box. Doesn’t it make sense to think beyond the typical point and shoot? Hire someone who is licensed to operate a diesel or electric scissor lifts. Their expertise coupled with yours is sure to bring together a magical result. Different points of views in a video truly can take it to the next level you were looking for.

More Stabilization for Video Equipment

Taking excellent video is more than just point and shoot. Understanding your equipment and having the know-how to operate is what will make that video superb. When you’re taking aerial footage, standing on uneven platforms can cause unstable takes. Renting an aerial lift will allow more stabilization of your video equipment. Utilizing aerial work platforms will allow for clearer footage, less static, and less pixilation.

Stable video footage allows for delivery of exceptional video quality to your client. Understanding your client’s needs and being able to fulfill those needs — even in the most creative ways — is exceptional customer service.

Aerial lifts allow you, the videographer, to be as creative as you need to be. Working in an environment that is stable and protected will allow your imagination to run wild.  Stable imagery is why clients hire professionals like you. Be sure to deliver exactly what you promised

Take Safety Precautions

As you enjoy creating videos and bringing your project to fruition, make sure you also think about aerial lift safety. Make it your number one priority. Some things to keep in mind include:

  • Hire a professional lift operator — this ensures that you and others are safe while the lift is in operation.
  • Bring only your camera and equipment onto the work platform — no need for a chair, pole, or any other dangerous object.
  • Know which lift is right for you — not all lifts are created equal, and you should do your research.

Understanding safety and taking the necessary precautions in utilizing a lift will allow you to enjoy your experience.

Once research, hiring, and rental are completed, you can begin filming. Adding depth and stabilization along with working from a higher platform will bring your client’s video to the next level. As a result, it will ensure repeat business and a broader range of clients. Being able to offer aerial footage, will open up a new clientele you didn’t know you needed.

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