You’ve Got Time: OSHA Crane Certification Deadline Delayed

You’ve Got Time: OSHA Crane Certification Deadline Delayed

OSHA has extended their compliance deadline for crane operation requirements to November 2018

Cranes are specialized pieces of equipment that are exceedingly difficult to operate. Due to their complex nature, operators must take extreme precaution when using a crane on-site. Even with proper operation, cranes have a can be dangerous and potentially deadly.

In light of this fact, it should come as no surprise that OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requires certification for individuals who operate cranes. However, there are new rules and regulations required for OSHA-approved operation of cranes and derricks.

New Crane Deadline

The original deadline for employers’ compliance in ensuring crane operators’ proper training and certification was November 10, 2017. In order to accommodate concerns expressed by stakeholders, OSHA has proposed to extend the deadline to November 10, 2018.

OSHA is currently accepting comments in relation to the extension at their regulations site.

About Cranes

Cranes are large pieces of equipment used to hoist material that cannot be sufficiently lifted by scissor lifts, boom lifts, or forklifts. While other pieces of heavy equipment can often be operated by one individual, cranes are only safely operated with two persons. One worker conducts the controls within the unit and another directs the operator from the exterior to account for visibility.

As with all heavy equipment, it is of utmost importance to ensure that you and your employees are up-to-date on certification and training for cranes prior to utilizing one on a project.

Safety Knowledge

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