BigRentz CTO Liam Stannard Addresses Change in Equipment Rental Market at AEMP EquipmentSHIFT
BigRentz CTO Liam will speak at AEMP Equipment Shift regarding the future of technology in equipment rental

Liam Stannard, CTO of BigRentz, will speak at EquipmentSHIFT in Memphis, Tenn. on October 26, 2016. EquipmentSHIFT is an education and networking conference hosted by the Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP). Stannard joins executives from YardClub and EquipmentShare on a panel to discuss “To Rent or Not to Rent: Have You Asked the Question?” Stannard will open the discussion, addressing past and current market realities in terms of fleet ownership, safety and technology.

According to the panel overview, participants will learn:

  • How contractors earn income off idle equipment

  • What risks are involved in these new markets, and who is responsible for the security of background checks, insurance validation, payment processing and a rating system for equipment and lenders.

  • What member wholesale dealer groups are and how they are impacting the value of your equipment.

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About BigRentz

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