O.C. Register Special Sections: A Performance-Driven Culture
Bigrentz makes it easier to schedule bulk orders for nationwide accounts

By Bill Quinnan for O.C. Register Special Sections

Full-service, online equipment-rental network BigRentz has stepped into the ranks of the regions finest employers, being named among the Orange County Register’s Top Workplaces for 2014.

According to BigRentz.com Employee Experience Manager Nasim Valimohammadi, part of what makes the Irvine-based firm a great place to work is that, within its organizational framework, the company is “more like a family.”

“We are all friends,” said Valimohammadi. “We enjoy spending time with our fellow colleagues, and the company regularly creates opportunities for us to do so outside of work through various social events, team-building activities, team sports and volunteer opportunities.”

Inside the workplace, BigRentz.com has created a space to supports its “work hard, play hard” philosophy, offering plenty of comfortable places to relax, watch TV or play Xbox or ping-pong. The firm regularly hosts catered lunches and offer a discounted lunch-delivery program, also providing on-site car washes, massages and dry-cleaning pick-up and delivery service.

“The company goes to great lengths to provide added convenience for our employees as a way of giving back for all their hard work,” said Valimohammadi.

Building what Valimohammadi described as a “performance-driven culture,” leaders of the firm go out of their way to recognize and reward individuals for their hard work and contributions to the success of the organization.

“The executive leadership also stays very involved in all daily activities and are always listening to the staff’s ideas and suggestions for ways to improve not only our operations, but our workplace as well,” she said. “They are also extremely generous in providing employees with a comfortable, fun and relaxed workplace full of free food and drinks, ample entertainment options and the freedom to take a break and recharge whenever needed.”

Leaders within the organization foster a positive environment by serving as examples for employees, always maintaining positive attitudes, providing motivation and support, and encouraging open communication, said Valimohammadi.

Beyond having the right qualifications for their positions, ideal candidates to work for the firm are those who thrive by in fast-paced, dynamic environments and embrace the firm’s “work hard, play hard” philosophy. The firm seeks candidates who are dependable, energetic and eager to learn, and flexible enough to keep pace with the company’s fast growth. Prospective employees must be motivated and willing to work hard to achieve both professional and personal growth. Working well with others is also a must.

“We are like a family; we look out for one another,” said Valimohammadi. “To be a good fit for BigRentz.com, it’s important to be a team player.”

BigRentz.com offers a variety of training opportunities to enable employees to expand their skill sets, as well as specialized advanced training for specific job functions. The company is committed to the continued development of its team members at every level, helping it to build the strongest team possible, Valimohammadi said. The company recently implemented a Manager Tools training program to help prepare some of its less-experienced employees for advancement into management roles.

“BigRentz.com truly cares about each employee and wants to ensure that they have the tools and training they need to be successful throughout their career,” said. Valimohammadi.

The company strives to be a partner with the local community, contributing to such organizations as Augie’s Quest, a non-profit organization raising money to find a cure for ALS, as well as Habitat for Humanity, which it helped to build five homes in one week during its latest Home Builders Blitz.

BigRentz.com was founded in established in 2012 as Direct Equipment Alliance under the leadership of President and Chief Executive Officer Dallas Imbimbo. The firm changed its name in 2013, reflecting a shift in its online business strategy. That same year, the company relocated from a 5,000-square-foot office space in Santa Ana to the entire top floor of a building in Irvine, where its name can be seen from I-405.

A company of eight employees prior to its move, BigRentz.com now employs about 66 people, and its growth continues. Valimohammadi notes that the firm currently has a number of career opportunities available for qualified candidates. More information is available through the company’s website or at LinkedIn.com

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Bill Quinnan is a freelance writer who lives in Orange County. Readers can send an e-mail to him at bquinnan@sbcglobal.net. Bill cannot provide job leads.