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Technology and construction equipment are two words not normally found in the same sentence. An industry not known for technology or efficient communications, equipment rentals have traditionally lagged behind the times. In 2012, BigRentz built a new marketspace to support an easier and more efficient rental process between suppliers and customers.

The focus wasn’t about our new proprietary technology, although without it creating a nationwide marketplace of this magnitude would have been complicated and expensive. The focal point was the opportunity to introduce a new business model that provided a “one call does it all” source for equipment rentals, that increased suppliers’ fleet utilization, and also implemented more efficient communications.

Simply put, BigRentz has created a better space to rent construction equipment.

Welcome to BigRentz, a technology-enabling, equipment rental logistics company that uses a network of supplier relationships to find the best rental and transportation solutions for its customers.

BigRentz - The Largest Equipment Rental Network

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The Rent With Confidence Promise

Introducing a simple and haggle-free equipment rental experience.
  • Rent With Confidence

    No matter what equipment you are looking for, our rental logistics advisors are here to help every step of the way.

  • Haggle-Free Pricing

    BigRentz makes it convenient and simple to locate the right equipment for you at a rate you can trust. And, we offer flexibility on hauling charges.

  • We Have You Covered

    With over 1,500 suppliers and more than 7,500 nationwide locations, BigRentz is the largest equipment rental logistics company.

  • Convenience With Technology

    With real time management technology, you can easily manage your account and equipment on the go, from any device.

Built Around You

The heart, soul, and backbone of BigRentz comes down to one thing and one thing only: people. You, our customers, are who we design all our services and technologies around. And as such, you have inspired our three-word philosophy - Built around you.

That mindset is of the utmost importance behind everything we do. It’s what defines us. In fact, our people-focused approach is what sets us apart in the industry. And ultimately, it’s what enables us to personally connect with each and every one of our suppliers and customers. Through these personal connections we are able to tailor the services and technologies that we offer directly to everyone’s unique goals and needs. But more importantly, this mindset is what continues to propel our company, and our brand, as the go-to source for equipment rental and technology solutions.

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