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About Construction Vehicle

You’re all grown up, but you’re still playing in the sandbox. You need bigger and better tools. We’ve got the right construction vehicle for you, but what exactly do you need?

Dump Trucks

From big to gigantic, you can find the right material mover. The classic dump truck is still great for small to medium loads both off-road and down the highway. Articulated dump trucks are more nimble and specialized for mining work. Side dump trailers off-load quickly while bottom dump trucks are more precise.

Utility Vehicles

The old quad has grown up into a professional pack mule. In both two-wheel and four-wheel drive, UTVs can carry over a thousand pounds and tow a ton. You can attach a variety tools, from snow plows to cultivators, for work on the farm, the factory, or remote site.

Golf Carts

When you need to move people around the plant, job site, or campus, you can’t go wrong with the electric country club classic. Get them configured for two, four, or six passengers with a wide range of finishes and luxuries. Many are governed by a top speed of 25 mph, but you can lower that for safety.

Water Trucks

You need water on the job for dust control, irrigation, fire control, and more. Ask yourself what range you need, what terrain you’ll be covering, what volume you need, and how many sprayers you want before selecting the right one.

From sand castles to skyscrapers, you’re still building stuff, and it’s still fun. Get the right tools for the job.

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