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About Construction Vehicle

Construction vehicles provide specific tasks for your job site. When looking for these types of vehicles, you can choose from among a variety of machinery. Discover what types of construction vehicles can help you with your next project.

Dump Trucks

The classic dump truck is still great for small to medium loads for transporting them both off-road and down the highway. Articulated dump trucks are more nimble and specialized for mining work. Side dump trailers off-load quickly while bottom dump trucks are more precise.

Utility Vehicles

In both two-wheel and four-wheel drive, ultimate terrain vehicles can carry more than 1,000 pounds. You can attach a variety of tools, from snow plows to cultivators, and use them for work on the farm, at the factory, or at a remote site.

Golf Carts

When you need to move people around a plant, job site, or campus, you can’t go wrong with a golf cart. You can rent them with seating for two, four, or six passengers. Many are governed by a top speed of 25 mph, but you can lower that speed for safety.

Water Trucks

You need water on the job for dust control, irrigation, and fire control. Ask yourself what range you need, what terrain you’ll be covering, what volume you need, and how many sprayers you want before selecting the right water truck.

Whether you need them for moving material, transporting people, or watering terrain, construction vehicles are an ideal addition to your fleet. Consider renting your next construction vehicle from BigRentz.

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