About Site Services

A good range of site services equipment improves any construction project by making things easier for workers. Site services offer the ease needed for workers to get on with finishing the job.

Best Site Services Equipment

Companies need to think about equipment that helps workers do their jobs better. The best site services equipment includes:

  • Dumpsters
  • Portable restrooms
  • Handwashing stations
  • Utility vehicles

Dumpsters are useful for storing the rubbish that always gathers on a construction site. A large part of many projects is tearing down old structures to build new ones. Having a place to store unwanted items makes everything easier for workers.

Restrooms are key services on a job site. Think of the time lost if you didn’t offer restrooms for workers. Frequent trips to restrooms outside the site waste valuable time that eats into a project.

Handwashing stations are also vital for any site. Construction work is hands-on, and workers often scrape and cut their hands. Having a handwashing station keeps the site clean and protects workers from possible infections.

Utility vehicles are great for moving quickly around a site. Having utility vehicles for workers speeds everything up, especially on a large site that takes a lot of time to walk around. Transporting materials from one part of the site to another becomes a lot easier with a utility vehicle.

Buy or Rent Site Services Equipment?

It makes sense to rent the site services equipment that you need. Renting is a more cost-efficient and practical option. BigRentz offers the latest dumpsters and utility vehicles for construction sites.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Great working with Geoff helping me through the first rent at BigRentz. He was a huge help on short notice and helping me with the web portal.

Noemi worked quickly to swap out a lift we had on site to a different lift better suited for the job.

First time renting with this company, great customer service by Nicko, definitely renting with you again!

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