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Towable Light Tower Rental (1)

Towable light towers can provide temporary lighting for a variety of venues including low-light job sites and outdoor events...Show More

Towable light towers can provide temporary lighting for a variety of venues including low-light job sites and outdoor events. Their compact, foldable frame makes these portable fixtures easy to store and move from place to place. Typically, portable light towers come with a base on two wheels so they can be easily towed and set up on-site using foldable, extending legs.

Light towers can be powered by gas or electricity. Most towers are equipped with a 30-foot, extendable, rotating mast topped by metal halide bulbs in 1,000-watt light fixtures or LED lights. This allows them to illuminate a wide area without casting shadows, making it easy to see at night or in places like mines. Check out the FAQs below to learn more.

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Towable Light Tower

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More About Towable Light Towers


How much does it cost to rent a light tower?

Rental prices can vary depending on job site location, project duration, and the type of light tower. If our light tower rental pricing isn't shown, request a quote online or call to speak with a representative who can tell you more about pricing and availability in your area.

How are light towers powered?

Light towers can be powered by diesel, electricity, or solar. If your light tower includes a generator, it can power other things as well. However, this will increase the load and reduce the amount of time the lights will stay on.

How long do light towers run for on a tank of fuel?

Run times will vary depending on the fuel tank size, gallons per hour used, and load capacity. A light tower’s specs will typically provide estimated run time for if you’re using the tower for lighting only versus if you’re using the tower at 100% capacity. Diesel-powered light towers have run times ranging from 80 hours to over 250 hours, depending on the model.

How much area can light towers cover?

Light towers can usually illuminate up to seven acres of land. However, it’s important to consider how bright your lighting needs to be. There are many ways to measure illumination including lumens (the level of light emitted in every direction), lux (the measure of light intensity), and foot-candles (one lumen per square foot). OSHA requires five to ten foot-candles of illumination depending on the area.

How fast can you tow a light tower?

Light towers can weigh thousands of pounds, so the lug nuts should be tightened when towing them. If you are going off-road, it’s not recommended to exceed 10 miles per hour. On highways, avoid high speeds so wheels or other components don’t fall off during transport; it’s best to keep your speed under 45 mph.

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