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About Light Tower

Light towers illuminate construction sites to help workers do their jobs through the night. Some projects need round-the-clock work due to time constraints, and a portable light tower is vital in these cases.

Light Tower Basics

Typical light towers come with powerful metal halide lamps that help light up large parts of sites. It makes sense to position a series of floodlights in different spots to ensure full illumination in an area. The great thing about portable light is the ability to move it from one part of the site to another when needed.

Popular uses of light towers include building new structures and repairing existing buildings. Also, the limited sunlight during winter means light towers become vital to making sure workers get enough done.

Portable light also improves safety in conditions with low natural sunlight. Avoiding on-site accidents is vital for construction companies, so anything that improves safety is a positive.

The key thing to look for in a light tower is its illumination capacity. Contractors also need to consider the portability of the tower. A good light tower comes with its generator which continuously runs for many hours. Some projects might require a glare-free light source because of the site’s closeness to people’s homes.

Renting vs. Buying

Light towers are a huge investment for any construction company. Your company may only need a light tower for some projects. The high cost of buying towers and the situational need makes them ideal for renting. BigRentz has a great range of light towers to suit your needs.

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