QuickRentz for Rental Partners

Open up more rental opportunities with a simple click of a button.

At BigRentz, we build technology to make our team more efficient and that adds value for our suppliers. QuickRentz enables our suppliers to claim deals via email or text message with the click of a button. By using this tool, our suppliers are receiving even more opportunities to close BigRentz deals without having to download or install any additional software.

Participating in QuickRentz gives you a chance at every deal BigRentz has to offer, empowering you to claim deals that make sense for your business.

QuickRentz benefits include:

  • Increases in fleet utilization
  • Freeing up sales staff
  • The ability to quickly claim rentals
  • Receiving data and analytics about your lost rentals

QuickRentz expedites the rental process and reduces errors with zero technology costs.
This saves you time and helps increase utilization at the click of a button.

How it works:

  • No software needed on your end
  • Email and text notifications replace most phone calls. We deliver rental opportunities directly to participating suppliers in real time via email and SMS
  • If the deal doesn’t make sense for you, simply do nothing. More deals will come your way soon
  • Just click claim and the deal is yours
  • Once you claim a deal, we’ll still give you a quick call to confirm the rental details

Interested in signing up for QuickRentz or becoming a supplier?

Call us at (888) 325-5172 or email supply@bigrentz.com.