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About Air Equipment

Compressed air is a vital source of power for many tools used in construction. Construction equipment that uses air for power is either local or centralized. Local air equipment has an air compressor mounted on a mobile unit for easy access to air. Some tools use a centralized source of airflow. The airflow comes from a large air compressing unit housed on the construction site semi-permanently.

Types of Air Equipment

Percussion tools and pneumatic tools are the two key types of air equipment.

Percussive tools work by striking a surface rapidly. For example, a jackhammer uses compressed air as its power source. Repeated blows to the concrete from the repetitive motions of the jackhammer break the concrete surface. Riveting air hammers work similarly to help you set rivets.

Pneumatic air equipment works by rotary action. A hammer drill you might use at home is an example of a tool that works by rotary action. A small compressor inside the hammer drill supplies enough power to rotate it. The force of the rotating head helps you drill into surfaces. On a larger scale, rocks drills work the same way. Major construction projects often use rock drills when tunneling or quarrying.

A variety of miscellaneous tools uses air compressors. Some chainsaws use an air compressor to power the saw. Paint spraying equipment and some compacting tools use compressed air for power.

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