Citation Policy

BigRentz encourages sharing our content for noncommercial use as long as it is properly cited, per our guidelines below. “Content” includes text, images, data, video, and other multimedia. Unless otherwise stated, the content is BigRentz’s intellectual property and we own the rights to it.

If you share our Content in any format, including but not limited to web publications, printed materials, training documents, or presentations, you must cite the original URL of the Content. Any web-based material must provide a hyperlink to the Content. Printed assets must list the entire URL so that a user can navigate to the original source.



“Data” includes any survey that we have commissioned or independent data analysis that we have conducted. When citing our Data, lead with “According to BigRentz . . .” with the original article hyperlinked to the “BigRentz” text.

  • For example: According to BigRentz, by the end of 2023 Amazon will have at least 319 million square feet of warehouse space in America.



“Images” include assets and infographics that we uniquely designed. They do not include stock or Creative Commons images sourced from third parties. When sharing our Images, do not alter them or remove the BigRentz logo.

Use the following citation structure to caption each image that you share: Image originally from [Article Title/Hyperlink] by [BigRentz/Hyperlink].



“Adaptations” are articles that are heavily informed by our content and follow a similar structure. Essentially, the original article is rewritten or paraphrased. If you adapt our original Content, you must place the following citation at the top of your post: This article was adapted from its original version, [Article Title/Hyperlink] by [BigRentz/Hyperlink].

If you are simply using our Content to inform part of your article, you can link to our original content in your source list.


Article Quotations

You may directly quote up to 100 words of text from our Content. If you do so, you must cite the quote by beginning it with “According to BigRentz . . .” with the original article hyperlinked to the “BigRentz” text and our original copy in quotation marks.

  • For example: According to BigRentz, “the national average cost to rent a dumpster is $540. The weekly cost to rent a 10-yard dumpster ranges from $150 to $1000, 20-yard dumpsters range from $219 to $1100, 30-yard dumpsters range from $263 to $1200, and 40-yard dumpsters range from $282 to $1815.”


Full Blog Posts

Full articles should not be duplicated in print unless you receive written permission. If you republish our Content in full online, you must include a meta noindex tag so that the copied content is not indexed by search engines. Include the following citation at the top of the post: The original version of [Article Title/Hyperlink] appeared on [BigRentz/Hyperlink].

To add a robots noindex, use a <meta> tag in the head section of your HTML.

  • For example: <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex”>


PDFs and Ebooks

When citing a PDF or Ebook, you must link to the landing page that the document is hosted on instead of the PDF. You can find most of our Ebooks through the Equipment Rental Guides page.


Commercial Use

You may not use our Content for commercial purposes unless you receive written permission from BigRentz. We reserve the right to approve or deny commercial requests at our discretion. To request permission, contact with details about where and how you’d like to use the Content.


Policy Violations

We reserve the right to alter this policy at any time and terminate the use of our Content if we do not feel that it upholds the integrity of our brand. If you share our content without following this Citation Policy, we may request that you cite the content properly or take it down.

If you have questions about our Citation Policy or are unsure about how to cite our Content, please email for more information.

We appreciate it if you send us a copy of the work in which you cited us so that we can understand where and how our content is being used.