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  • Water Trucks
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Water Truck Rental (2)

Water trucks are essential for construction and industrial projects...Show More

Water trucks are essential for construction and industrial projects. They’re used to transport water and can hold anywhere between 2,000 and 5,000 gallons. Water trucks distribute water through features like front, rear, side spray nozzles, and hoses and come equipped with low point drains and different fill capabilities.

For construction teams, water trucks are used for dust control and to clean the equipment after use. They are also a great asset for compacting the soil. Adding water to the dirt and soil aggregates helps create smoother surfaces as teams grade, spread, and level layers for road construction. For jobs located in heavily wooded or forested areas, water trucks are used to quell flames in the event of a fire. Check out the FAQs below to learn more.

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Equipment ID: 60-1000

2,000-2,999 Gallon Water Truck

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Equipment ID: 60-1040

4,000-4,999 Gallon Water Truck

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The makes/models shown are examples only and equipment delivered may differ. Contact customer support to check on the availability of specific makes/models.

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How much does it cost to rent a water truck?

Water truck rental costs depend on factors such as size, location, and duration of the rental. We rent water trucks with a 2,000-to-2,999 gallon capacity and a 4,000-to-4,999 gallon capacity. Contact BigRentz to request a quote so we can find one that meets your needs.

What are water trucks used for?

Water trucks can help with dust control, fire maintenance for job sites in wooded areas, filling reservoirs or tanks used for cement mixing or power washing, filling pools or ponds, cleaning construction equipment after use, and transporting water to farmland. They are also used in various phases of the compaction process for road construction by adding water to aggregates, ensuring a more consistent and smooth compaction surface.

How do water trucks distribute water?

Water trucks distribute water by using different attachments and drains. Common ones include controlled spray heads to dispense water without oversaturation, Berkeley-style pumps that allow both intake and discharge, and baffles, to minimize surging. Note that different truck models may not come with attachments or have different drainage methods, so check with your rep when renting.

How do you refill a water truck?

There are three main ways to refill a water truck:

  • Hydrant fill: You can use a hydrant as the water source, attaching it to the built-in hydrant port on the truck.
  • Overhead fill: Use a funnel to guide water into the truck’s tank from a source above.
  • Self-fill or dam fill: A more complicated procedure than the other two, this uses the suction hose to pull in water through a port. The PTO must be engaged for the suction to work and disengaged as soon as the tank is full to safely disconnect the hoses, close the port, and begin operating the truck.

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