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How This National Stucco Company is Saving 250 Hours Per Year on Equipment Rentals

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For large companies with multiple projects nationwide, equipment rental procurement and logistics are a significant part of the project management and planning process. We recently interviewed Nick B., the Project Manager of one of our customers, a national stucco company. We wanted to find out what he values about BigRentz and why he chooses to source 100% of his company’s equipment rentals with us.

About the Company

The company we interviewed specializes in all types of stucco and stone products, including hard stucco, synthetic stucco, stucco repair, and interior/exterior designer trim. Established in 1998, it serves both commercial and residential customers nationwide. Some of the company’s recent projects include a furniture store in Los Angeles, California, a Marriott Hotel in Romulus, Michigan, a Dunkin Donuts remodel in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, and a Walmart in Lewisburg, West Virginia.

Previous Rental Process

The company we interviewed has customers in every state across the U.S. In order to service its large volume of customers, Nick rents hundreds of pieces of rental equipment every year.

Prior to partnering with BigRentz, Nick would spend countless hours making dozens of phone calls to numerous suppliers to determine location, price, and equipment availability. Not only was this time-consuming, but it also created more work for the company’s accounting team. Many suppliers equated to countless different vendor codes, purchase orders, payment due dates, and sets of terms.

Proving to be a tedious and cumbersome process, Nick searched for an alternative solution to make his (and his accounting team’s) jobs easier.

The company's previous rental process prior to partnering with BigRentz was complicated.

Our Partnership

The BigRentz rental process is simplified for all businesses.

The company has been a valued customer of BigRentz for several years. When asked why he made the transition to BigRentz, Nick’s response was simple:

“BigRentz makes my job easier. Instead of making dozens of phone calls, I make one—and I get everything I need. The fact that you have locations all over is really helpful to our business.”

Aside from ease-of-use, we wanted to determine exactly how much time Nick saves by renting with BigRentz. It turns out Nick no longer spends the 5 hours he used to spend procuring rentals every week. This equates to approximately 250 hours of time saved every year on rental procurement. By outsourcing his rental logistics to BigRentz, Nick is able to spend more time focusing on his core business.

What Does This Mean for Your Company?

If you’re in a similar situation and your company serves customers all over the U.S., then partnering with BigRentz can save you hundreds of hours per year in equipment rental procurement, too!

In addition to providing you with all equipment rentals in one phone call, we communicate with you every step of the way through email and text message notifications—so you know when your order is confirmed, when your rental arrives on site, when it’s scheduled to be picked up, and if anything changes about your order. You can also manage your account online by extending or terminating your existing rental orders through our online customer portal. Our Rental Logistics Experts are heavy equipment certified and provide the superior customer service you need so that you can focus your energy on your other priorities.

About BigRentz

BigRentz is the nation’s largest equipment rental network. With over 12,000 locations nationwide, we have what you need when and where you’ll need it—making us your single source for all your rental needs.

BigRentz has been recognized for its success in numerous publications, including Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. 5000, OC Business Journal, and OC Register.

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