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Why This Technology Company Has Rented Over 7,000 Times with BigRentz

hands with gloves installing a data and cable unit


This client provides solutions for distributed technologies in automotive, food, grocery, hospitality, restaurant, and retail locations that use operating and infrastructure systems. The company offers a support desk, on-site maintenance, deployment, installation, integration, and staging and configuration services, as well as digital repair and refurbishment services.


Previous Rental Process:

Prior to partnering with BigRentz in March 2015, several client employees would call multiple heavy equipment suppliers in each job location trying to procure equipment. Sourcing equipment for hundreds of jobs throughout the nation became extremely time-consuming. They would spend countless hours making dozens of phone calls to numerous suppliers to determine location, price, and equipment availability. Not only was this inefficient, but it also created more work for their accounting team. Many suppliers equated to countless different vendor codes, purchase orders, payment due dates, and sets of terms.



In the last few years, BigRentz has fulfilled over 7,900 rentals in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Canada. BigRentz is the “one-stop-shop” for all of their rental equipment needs. It also means that the client’s accounting team only has to work with one vendor.


Since first partnering with BigRentz in March 2015:


7,927 50 463
Job Sites Different States Unique Suppliers Used