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Types of Heavy Equipment Lease Financing

Manufacturing companies have a variety of options when it comes to funding a heavy equipment. Apart from the various options to finance, these companies also get benefits from the increasingly competitive lending practices. However, many businesses choose to lease construction equipment instead of buying it and financing it with a loan. Heavy tool leasing is one of the most popular practices among business owners.

How to Keep Track of Employee Hours

Technology today makes keeping a record of work times much easier. It is a requirement for all businesses to keep tabs of all records regarding any business related activity for legal purposes. Documenting the wage earners’, contractors’, or freelancers’ time play a tremendous role in making sure the business is running efficiently.

How to Remove Floor Cleaner Residue

Cleaning your floors on a regular basis is a must for any residential or even commercial premises. However, in cleaning your floors using floor cleaners, a residue may start to form. Removing the floor cleaner residue is not an easy task. However, with these steps, and some time dedicated to the project, you will be able to completely remove the residues.

How To Track an Employee’s Time and Attendance

Tracking when and how often an employee shows up for work can be a difficult task. Fortunately, there are plenty of great tools and software packages which can make this chore less daunting. This is a fairly easy task as employee hours are easily recorded with any computer system.

How to Start a Heavy Hauling Business

Anyone who has the ambition and drive to start their own operation is going to have a lot of opportunities in front of them. The one key with starting a company is that when you are in the initial steps and just getting it off of the ground, you have to be sure that you are being cautious. Pay attention to the following few steps to ensure that your business isn’t doomed to fail before you even help it to take off.

How to Professionally Pressure Wash Your Deck Clean

So you want to pressure wash your deck? Most people do this so it can be clean and that they can use it during the summer when the outdoor cooking season begins. You want to have your deck look presentable and clean. Here’s how to do it.

Factors that Impact the Equipment Rental Market

When it comes to the success and growth of the equipment rental industry, there are a number of factors that have a significant impact. These factors are key indicators that industry experts analyze to forecast the market and influence everything from utilization to rental rates.

Do You Really Want to Buy that Scissor or Boom Lift? Why Renting is a Better Option

The question about whether to buy or rent when it comes to heavy construction equipment has long been debated among industry professionals.  Renting or buying is one of the most important financial decisions that construction companies have to make.

A-tisket, A-tasket. Yes, It’s a Big Yellow Basket!

About 42 miles east of Columbus, Ohio, you will find the “World’s Largest Basket.  It was built in 1997 and it is the home of the Longaberger Company that is known for manufacturing handcrafted maple wood baskets.

Global Trends for Heavy Construction Equipment

Due to high infrastructural and construction growth as well as technological developments and adaptations, the construction industry has nourished the need and expansion of heavy construction equipment.

Eight Reasons Why Renting Is Better than Owning

Looking for more reasons to rent with us at BigRentz? We have eight simple reasons on why renting is better than owning.

Monthly Rise in Construction Unemployment Rate, but Year Over Year is Up

There was an increase in construction worker unemployment rates within the last month:  September showed 8.5% which went up to 9% in October.

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