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About Push Around Manlift

When you’re picking out a lift for your business, you can choose from among several options. For power and platform height in a compact machine, you can’t go wrong with a push around manlift. Discover why push around manlifts are good choices, plus learn how to find aerial equipment with the features you need.

What Is a Push Around Manlift?

Also known as a personnel lift or a single man lift, a push around manlift is a compact model with a small aerial work platform. These single man models are some of the smallest lifts you can use. With the vertical mast, they usually measure only 5 or 6 feet high and about 2 or 3 feet wide.

Even though they have a small footprint, these aerial work platforms can extend due to the vertical mast. In total, the platform height can reach 15 to 50 feet above the ground.

How Much Weight Can a Personnel Lift Hold?

Unlike heavy-duty models, single man lifts have a small lifting capacity. Most can hold only a single person at a time. The average lifting capacity for a personnel lift is 200 to 400 pounds.

To stabilize their load, most lifts have outriggers. These devices make the lift’s footprint bigger and let people reach greater heights safely. The outriggers return to place when you move or store the lift.

How Do You Power a Push Around Man Lift?

These lifts come with a few power options. You can manually push or tow most models to move them from one room or site to another. To raise or lower the lift, the operator can use the controls, which are usually powered by electricity. You can typically plug a personnel lift into a wall charger to replenish its battery.

Where Can You Use a Personnel Lift?

Vertical personnel lifts work best indoors and on flat surfaces. They don’t have heavy-duty tires like some rough-terrain models, making them unsuitable for outdoor terrain or uneven surfaces.

What Jobs Can a Push Around Man Lift Do?

Personnel lift rentals are ideal for indoor construction jobs and renovation projects. They also work well for maintenance jobs in schools, community centers, and other businesses.

You can easily move these lifts to compact locations, and they can hold both tools and personnel. As a result, push around man lifts are much more convenient and versatile than either ladders or larger aerial lifts.

Should You Rent or Buy a Personnel Lift?

If your company has never used one of these lifts before, renting is a good choice. BigRentz has the latest models so that you can test out new versions of aerial equipment.

If you need a vertical personnel lift for a single project, renting costs less, too. You’ll only have to pay for a fixed period. Since your lift rental typically covers repairs and storage, you can save more money.

If you need an indoor aerial lift that’s easy to move, a push around man lift could be a perfect fit. Put one to work and find out how much easier you can make your indoor jobs.

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