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Rough Terrain Scissor Lift

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About Rough Terrain Scissor Lift

When you need aerial lift equipment, make sure you choose the right type for your project or jobsite. Find out what a rough terrain scissor lift can do and learn whether this type of lift equipment rental is the right choice for your company’s next outdoor project.

What Is a Rough Terrain Scissor Lift?

A rough terrain scissor lift is one of the most heavy-duty types of aerial lift equipment. Although most lifts don’t reach as high as straight boom lifts, they still have impressive platform height cpacity. These are no ordinary indoor and outdoor lifts, as they have a platform height up to 60 feet. Workspaces on these lifts measure about 2 to 4 feet by about 5 to 10 feet. The large workspace leaves plenty of room for people, tools, and equipment, even at full height.

How Much Weight Can a Rough Terrain Scissor Lift Hold?

Rough terrain scissor lifts handle heavy-duty jobs at full height, and they have a bigger load capacity than other lifts. The most robust models have a lifting capacity of up to 2,500 lbs.

Models with a higher lifting capacity can support construction equipment and multiple workers. If you need one that can carry your entire crew, look for a lift with the largest load capacity you can find. Make sure you are still compliant with OSHA regulations for electric scissor lifts.

How Do You Power an All Terrain Scissor Lift?

Because rough terrain scissor lifts have diesel engines, you’ll need to refuel them from time to time. Since the diesel-powered lifts emit dangerous fumes, you should never use these lifts inside in unventilated spaces.

To use a rough terrain scissor lift, use the control panel inside the workspace. The controls allow you to move the lift forward and backward. You can also raise and lower the rough-terrain scissor lift using the control panel.

Where Can You Use a Rough Terrain Scissor Lift?

Unlike many indoor and outdoor lifts or straight boom lifts, rough terrain scissor lifts are ideal for outdoor or off-road use. These robust models have reinforced tires that can tackle loose dirt, sharp rocks, and uneven surfaces. Most models also have four-wheel drive, making them easier to move, even on inclines.

What Jobs Can a Rough Terrain Scissor Lift Do?

You can use rough terrain scissor lifts to raise workers and equipment above ground level on multi-level construction sites and ungraded job sites. However, you shouldn’t use these lifts on smooth surfaces since the tires can easily leave marks behind.

Some lifts work safely only on level surfaces, but all terrain scissor lifts can operate on inclines. If you need one that can tackle slopes and outdoor use, look for a high gradeability rating. Models with 40 to 50 percent gradeability can climb and work on steep inclines.

Should You Rent or Buy a Rough-Terrain Scissor Lift?

Many contractors need to use these lifts for jobs that have a fixed start and end date. If you need only one type of lift for a particular construction project, a scissor lift rental can save you money and hassle.

If you need a heavy-duty lift equipment rental that can handle a rugged outdoor landscape or an ungraded job site, a rough-terrain scissor lift rental is an excellent choice. Find the right model for your project and get the job done correctly.

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